Gift Guide for 1 Year Olds

Hello friends! I have a 4 year old niece who is awesome and super fun to shop for at the holidays. I also have a one year old, of my own, who is terribly difficult to buy gifts [Read more…]

I like you


I like you, just the way you are is a wonderful thing to hear. Since I’m a BAHM (blog-at-home-mom) I have a morning cartoon session with Sophie which usually involves Daniel Tiger or Baby Einstein. [Read more…]

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Greetings friends! I hope your first week of November has treated you well and you’ve managed to stay warm (and not blow away!) I’ve been seeing amazing ideas in the way of activities, decor and recipes for Thanksgiving that is getting me in the grateful spirit.

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Happiness is the Truth

Happiness is truthI’ve had Pharell’s Happy stuck in my head for days and I’ve been loving it! Sophie loves dancing to it so it makes that song even more awesome to me. You choose your own happiness. Happiness means something different for everyone and for me, happiness is my family. [Read more…]

November Goals

november goalsHappy November! I know, it’s been November for a couple days, we’ve even changed the clocks already to fall back, but I’m just getting around to my November goals. This weekend was a whirlwind, literally, with the crazy weather we had here in IL. [Read more…]

Busy Board

Hello Mamas and Papas (or anyone looking to make an awesome Christmas gift for a lil one!) I had been struggling with the fact that we don’t have a basement or play room designated for Sophie to have as her ‘fun zone.’

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Well Done

Great quote. Actions speak louder than words.

(Benjamin Franklin)

I liked this quote because it reminds me of the saying ‘actions speak louder than words. Not that words aren’t immensely powerful, but an action can truly demonstrate a person’s character. [Read more…]

20 Date Ideas

20 Dates
Hopefully these date ideas will inspire you to spend some time with someone you love!

1. Find a recipe and cook it together. Make it a theme night and play music to match the type of meal.
2. Go off the grid for the weekend- no cell phones, no TV, no computers. You’ll be amazed at what you can do for entertainment.
3. Go see a movie at the drive-in. [Read more…]