Ask Away Friday with Tia ||Becomin Neurotic

Happy Happy Friday from me to you! I hope your week has gone splendidly and you’re getting back into a routine if your kids have gone back to school! It was a hot one for us this past week so we did our best to stay indoors but we did get a few long standing projects completed as well as another week down of Whole60! Today, I’m happy to be doing another # Ask Away Friday! Ask Away Friday BadgeToday’s swap partner is Tia from Becomin Neurotic who is super sweet! Tia shares her experience of depression, anxiety and auto immune disease. Her site is a great resource to realize that you’re never alone in whatever you’re battling. She is engaged to be married next summer and has a teenage son that is her world. Go check out her site for a look into her honest, brave world.

tia1. I love DIY and have been trying my hand at any number of things now that I stay home. I’ve found I love paper crafts the most-cards, scrap booking, etc. What is your favorite kind of project?
My favorite type of craft is paper craft as well. I like making cards for people. I love Smashbook and I’m starting Project Life soon. I just got a new photo printer so I’m going to be completing some of my books soon!


2. Jimmy John’s is fairly new to our area, they just got here about a year ago. But Scotty and I are BIG fans, so I loved seeing your wedding photo with them. :) What is your favorite thing to order?
I’m glad you guys love it! My saved order on my phone (online ordering) is a #1 ez tomato, ez mayo. If I’m really hungry I’ll add BBQ chips and a triple chocolate chunk cookie. ;)

jimmy-johns3. I was so inspired by your 35 by 35 list! I may just have to create my own, though I only have three years to get there. Are there any goals on your list that scare you a little (or a lot)?
I’m glad you liked it! I’m excited to read yours! You could do 40 by 40. I am scared of going in a hot air balloon. I’m afraid of heights but I think hot air balloons are beautiful. I’m going in a small plane this weekend to push my fear, so wish me luck! Everything else on my list I’m super excited about.

hot-air-balloons-on-ground_4. Tell me about your family. Do you have siblings? Who are you closest to?
I am from a family of 4. I have one sister who is 4 years older than me and the person I look up to most in life. I could write 10,000 words on memories of our childhood and why she’s amazing but you wouldn’t want to read all of that. I could write 100,000 words more of my family because they are the greatest. I’m a very lucky person to have been born a Robertson.

Amy21Sisterscopy5. August has flown by and fall is on it’s way. Fall is my favorite season by far. What kinds of things do you love about fall, or do you hate it?
I do love fall! I love every season for a different reason, although, I only love winter because of Christmas and my Birthday. ;) I love going to the pumpkin patch in our town, I love chai lattes, I love sweaters and kicking crunchy leaves, and I’m OBSESSED with pumpkin everything.

pumpkin6. Scotty and I are tying the knot in August 2015 and I’m trying to do it Pinterest style to save as much as possible. Do you have any tips for me?
EEEE! Exciting! I did a Pinterest wedding when we got married and it saved tons! I found templates for the table numbers and seating arrangement and wrote them myself, spray painted all the thrifted vases for flowers that were bought in bulk from a florist and arranged by my family members. My biggest tip would be to figure out your color scheme first and go from there. You can easily get overwhelmed on Pinterest though so try to keep on the same path. Also, don’t have a champagne wedding on a beer budget. It’s better to have a few quality touches rather a bunch of things poorly You’re a relatively new blogger, but you seem to have a pretty great hand on it. What 5 tips would you give to someone just starting out or someone looking to spruce things up?
Thank you! I don’t feel that way, but I’m glad it looks like it from your side. ;) 1. Find out what you struggle with (content, organization, photography etc.) and take a course. I’ve taken 5 courses now and have learned information that would have taken me years to learn on my own. 2. Make a content calendar that excites you. Make sure everything you write about is something you’re passionate about, otherwise, it will come through in your writing. 3. Find a good support system, whether it be family, friends or a bloggy group. 4. Learn what your strongest social media platform is and master it before moving on to a new platform. 5. Don’t force it. If you’re rushing posts for the sake of getting posts out, take a break.

8. What is your favorite social media platform-for blog promotion and/or personal use?
My favorite social media platform for blog promotion is currently Pinterest because I’m taking a course online called Pinning Perfection (over in my right sidebar) to improve my strategy. Currently 90% of my traffic comes from Pinterest so I’m trying to learn why/how to improve that platform. My favorite platform for personal use is Instagram for inspiration.

pinterest instagram9. I know you love Disney and rom-coms, what 5 movies haven’t you seen yet, that you’re most excited for?
The Fault in Our Stars (I love John Green), Mockingjay, This Is Where I Leave You, Dumb and Dumber To and Big Hero 6.

10. Give me the numbers:
Years you’ve been married-  It will be 4 years next Friday!
Kids you’d like to have- 2-3
Current projects in varying states of completion- Including scrap books 11…that’s only craft projects not home projects.
Teeth Sophie now has- 8
Books on your shelf (or e-reader) waiting to be read- countless. I could count but it would take a long time. Between Jeffrey and my books/e-readers there’s probably over 100 that I want to read. Yes, I still buy new books because I’m crazy.
Broken bones- 1 wrist, 1 toe, 1 metatarsal (not bad!)
Major moves (not just across town)- 3- to college, to Disney, to Illinois
Length of time it takes you to get ready- weekday-20 minutes/going out-an hour
Items on today’s to-do-list- 7
Stuffed animals Sophie has- around 25 (she’s asleep so I don’t want to go check)

laughThanks for the awesome questions Tia! Loved our swap! What suggestions do you have for new bloggers (like me)? What kind of DiY tips do you have for Tia’s wedding? Anyone else on Pinterest or Instagram? I’m always looking for new people to follow!

Disney College Program

Hi guys! A LOT of people get excited when they hear I worked for Disney World. They get even more excited to find out that it was a program through my college, meaning I got to live and work with Mickey for a semester! I get butterflies thinking about my experience as a CP (college programmer) and it was 8 years ago. If there was one time of my life that I wish I could share with all my favorite people, without a doubt, it would be my semester in Disney. Honestly, I did share it with (at the time) all my favorite people because I had a ton of visitors and the friendships I made in the Disney College Program are everlasting. It was a life changing experience.
disney-college-programI’m not sure where to start because I’ve gotten so many different questions about my time in the Disney College Program. The first question everyone asks me: ‘Were you a Princess?!’ Thankfully, no. I think it would be AMAZING to see the love and wonder of all the kids when you walk out on stage (anywhere public in Disney)! I also realize that I would not be a very sweet princess if I was sweating to death, my makeup was running and my feet hurt from walking in heels all day. Another reason why I didn’t pursue my acting career, in order to be a Princess (or any other character), you have to work for at least a semester, plus a summer, and I already had a job lined up for the following summer.
becky-me fantasyland-britt poohsideI had, in my opinion, the BEST job that a CP can have. Ride Operations. I specifically loved my area (Fantasyland, Pooh Side) because of the awesome people I worked with and how excited kids were to ride my rides. I worked Snow White’s Scary Adventures (no longer there), The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups. There are different stations of each ride I’d rotate through during my shift. My favorite position was called Pooh Grouper which was on Winnie the Pooh. Pooh Grouper was in charge of keeping the Fast Pass line flowing quickly and grouping people off to get into the honey pots. I got very efficient at this position which allowed me time to talk to the guests and make their days magical. I’d hand out fast passes to other rides, pin trade, help people plan their day or just learn about them and where they were from. Talking to the guests was, by far, my favorite part about the entire experience.

vista vista-way-roomroomies-locationsHousing is the second questions everyone asks about. When I worked there in 2006, there were two apartment complexes that they split all the CPs into. The security was hard core so I always felt safe living there, no matter what time I got off work (often 3 and 4 in the morning.) I had turned 21 the day before leaving for the program so, thankfully, I was placed in a 21+ apartment. My apartment at Vista Way had 6 girls, one kitchen, two bathrooms. It was tough at first. Thankfully, things worked out pretty well because some of my roommates left for work at 4am, others had mid-day shifts and some of us had evening shifts. We never really ran into problems of not having enough space or trying to cook or shower at the same time. I loved how you meet people from everywhere in the world in this program. My roommates were from all over the US and a couple were from out of the country.

abbyPaychecks are always the next topic of discussion. Let’s just say you’re not going to make it big by working as a CP. Honestly, I don’t remember what I got paid, but I think it was pretty close to minimum wage for FL. I kept my house at Purdue, so I was paying rent for two places while I was at Disney, which stretched my paycheck to nothing. Thankfully, I took out two student loans before leaving for Disney, to make sure I didn’t have to be stressed out about the level of comfort I wanted while in the program. I had season passes to Universal Studios and was able to get into the Disney parks free. I was never bored. Ever. I had enough money to go out to nice restaurants when people would visit me, IHOP for breakfast after my shift at 4a and a few trips to the beach.

monorail1A lot of people ask about if I got held back a semester by working there. Yes, I did, but a lot of CPs take college courses through Disney University. Purdue didn’t accept the credit transfers so I did not take any classes while there. My roommate, on the other hand, took a full load during her semester so she wasn’t put back a semester. I’m glad Purdue didn’t take the credits because I would have felt the need to take a full load and would have missed out on a ton of experiences.

chipndalealaddin-jasmineMy family was a bit weary of me working in Disney for fear of losing the magic. Didn’t happen. I have a stronger love for Disney now that I’ve worked there and I still think it’s the most magical place on earth!

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAtower-of-terrorhighlightercicitatibrittest-trackWhat else did I do besides work? Lots! I can hardly remember my time spent at work because it seems like there was so much time spent not working (although it was 50/50.) One of the best things you can do as a CP is to make friends with people who have cars. Living in the apartments, you have 24/7 access to WalMart and all of Disney’s property. I had a few friends who had cars and we’d go to BW3s for karaoke, the beach, and visit restaurants and bars in Orlando. Most of our time was spent on Disney property though. We went to Pleasure Island (no longer bars and night clubs) every Thursday to dance or listen to live bands. We’d go to Universal every other week. We’d pool hop at the Disney resorts (which was one of my favorite things to do because I’m a hospitality major and loved scoping out the rooms and customer service at the resorts.) We also spent a ton of time in the parks. We knew where to eat, what rides to get on during slow times and what shows to see. I was an expert by the time my friends and family started to come visit. We’d cook hometown meals for our roommates, learn salsa, go to CP dances, have highlighter parties at our apartment, play football, play tennis and visit Kennedy Space Center. Again, I was never bored.

morocokissstatueWas I not the luckiest girl, to work for The Mouse and meet some of my best friends to this day? I love sharing my experience with college kids looking to go into the program or other Disney fanatics! If you have any questions about the Disney College Program (application process, furnishing the apartment, travel, perks etc.) or Disney World vacations, I’d LOVE to help! PS, I’m super excited because a lot of us are going back to Disney in 2016 for our 10 year reunion! I’ve already seen all of the people in the photos above, plus a few others from my program, but we’ve not all been together since 2006.

DiY Pergola Curtains

Yippeeeeeee! I’m finally finished with my one summer craft that I REALLY wanted to complete before summer was out. I made curtains for our pergola to make our deck feel more welcoming. The deck is very large and we Jeffrey added a privacy surround this summer in addition to the pergola. There was a lot of wood going on and I wanted to soften it up by using fabric. We had breezy sheers out there last year but it is insanely windy where we live and they were constantly tangling. I saw a tutorial on how to make your own pergola curtains on A Beautiful Mess and knew I had to give it a try.

pergola-curtainsLaura did such a phenomenal job on her tutorial that I don’t think it warranted the ‘Epic Projects (Advanced)’ tag that it has. It was a long process, which would have been even longer if I was doing more than the two panels I did, but it was a very straight forward process. All of the materials were easy to find locally and much more inexpensive than buying heavy duty outdoor curtains.

Materials Needed:
Heavy fabric -I used 6 yards* (depending on how windy it is where you’re located)
Fabric scissors
Grommet kit (total grommets used 14)
Cup hooks 7/8″ (14)
Safety cup hooks (4)
White chain
Bolt Cutters (to cut the chain)
Sewing machine (unless you want to hand sew)
Waterproofing spray**

*You’ll want to measure the height and width of your pergola and determine how drapey you want your fabric before buying your fabric. You could also skip the waterproofing step and buy outdoor fabric but it will be more expensive. If you are doing many panels, you may have to order your fabric from your fabric store because they don’t often carry several bolts of the same fabric. **I used Scotch Guard but it has not been tested. The reviews on Amazon were all the research I did for choosing what type of fabric waterproofing spray to use.

hem-sewingYou’ll likely need to sew hems on all sides of your fabric. If you are not confident with a sewing machine, I’ve used strong heat n’ bond on curtains before but never outside, so you’ll be taking a risk. I made all of the hems the same width other than the top hem where the grommets will go. I used a grommet to measure how wide I wanted the top hem.

hem-measureI’m not a numbers girl so I didn’t measure anything until it came to adding the grommets (only because I screwed up one section by not measuring.) A trick I used, to make sure it was an even hem all the way across, was to line up my first set of pins as shown.

grommetAdding the grommets was the most fun part. Follow the instructions on the back of your grommet kit (in case it’s different than mine.) Make a small X with your scissors in the location you want your grommet. Do not make your X too large, start small and make it larger if necessary. Be sure to use some force while hammering your anvil to get the grommet nice and snug. I found this part quite therapeutic!

outside-hooksOnce all of the hems are sewn and the grommets are added, it’s time to add the cup hooks to the pergola. As I said before, I didn’t measure out where my grommets went, so I added the outside hooks first. I knew the area I wanted the curtain to span so I drilled tiny holes and screwed in the two outside cup hooks first.


Once those were up I hung the curtain so I could hold up where the grommets met the board and used them as a template to drill my holes. If you measure out where you put your grommets, you’ll be able to measure where you should drill for your hooks.

cup hooks

Things are looking amazing now! The next step was to figure out where I wanted the tie backs. Since I knew how windy it is, I chose to do my tiebacks a bit higher than I normally would, so there would be a lot of fabric hanging down under the chain. I drilled two small holes on either side of the 4×4, screwed in the safety hooks and hung the chain.


Before cutting the chain, I let my curtains be outside all afternoon. I wanted to make sure the chain was going to be a good way to keep my curtains secure. I simply snipped the chain before repeating this step on the other curtain panel. You could also use rope or make a strip of fabric to bring in a pop of color. I think it would be cute to have a bright teal or yellow strip of fabric and use a grommet on each end to attach to the safety hooks.

pergola-curtainsNow that the curtains are hung, I left them up to spray the waterproofing on each side of the panels. I left them flying in the wind for a day to dry out completely. This portion was difficult for me because of the wind. If you can, choose a day that’s not windy and not going to rain.

deck-pergolapergola-curtainsI love it so much! I feel like it makes our area more welcoming and a bit more resort like. I am extremely excited to sit out on the deck in a few weeks once it cools off and into the fall when we’ll need sweaters and apple cider to keep warm. There’s still a bit more I’d like to do in the way of styling but that will have to wait until the fall flowers come to the nursery. How have you dressed up your outdoor area? Do you add fun pillows or rugs to bring in a pop of color? I love that!


changeBarbara Reinhold

I tend to think of myself as having little patience. Thankfully, this has changed quite a bit since I’ve had Sophie but it still holds true to certain aspects of my life. We’re currently on week 3 of Whole30 but have decided to extend it to 60 days because of the success we’re having with the program. For the most part, I’m in love with the program. I am feeling more energized, which leads to more running and better sleeping. I haven’t had a hard time with cravings other than being at parties where there’s tasty desserts and cocktails. Sometimes though, I just need to remind myself to be patient. I’m not going to be a size 8 in 3 weeks. There would be something seriously wrong in that case. I encourage you to remember to be patient if you’re dealing with change as well, whether it be a new job, kids going back to school or a new hair cut you can’t wait to grow out. ;)

Ice Bucket Challenge

Hey friends! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty laid back with some girl’s night fun, projects, movies and a manicure! I also got my breath taken away for the Ice Bucket Challenge. If you’ve not heard of the ice bucket challenge, it’s an advocacy challenge to get people aware of ALS (Amyotrophic Latiral Sclerosis.) People are nominated to pour a bucket of ice water on their head and donate or do a walk for ALS. ALSA’s Mission: Leading the fight to treat and cure ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy while also empowering people with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives by providing them with compassionate care and support. You can find out more at on how to get involved! Don’t get excited, I didn’t do anything clever or funny. It was an excellent way to cool down on a hot and humid day!

washi-tape-switch-plateI hope you have a great rest of your week! Let me know if you’ve done the #IceBucketChallenge yet! I’d love to see your videos!

Ask Away Friday with Jenessa || Mothering in Real Life

Hi everybody! Yay for the weekend! I’m happy to announce that it is the day for getting to know your fellow blogger! Ask Away Friday is upon us again and today’s swap rocked!

Ask Away Friday BadgeI had the pleasure of pairing up with the super sweet Jenessa of Mothering in Real Life. Jenessa is a mother of three living in Nova Scotia! She is very personable in her writing style and has great posts about motherhood. Go check out the questions I asked her!

jenessa1. I love, love love your blog design and layout. Did you design it yourself or hire a designer?
Thank you! I paid a pretty penny for it. I had to buy the layout as well as the Genesis framework but it has been really easy to manipulate and find tutorials on anything I need help with. My theme is Modern Blogger Pro by Pretty Darn Cute Designs.

2. List your top 5 favorite posts.
Baby Finger Paint: I thought it was a really fun activity to experiment with Soph and she loved it!
DiY Planner: I love posts where I try something new. This was my first vlog!
Top Disney Attractions for Adults: Magic Kingdom: I’m more than passionate about Disney World and I love sharing my thoughts and tips with people!
Friday Finds: Creative Summer: I really enjoy sharing awesome bloggers with my readers. I am so inspired by their diy projects and tutorials.
How to Help a New Mom: I felt very privileged to be invited to go to my sister’s once she had her second baby. I wanted to share some other ways of helping besides bringing lasagna!

3. Be honest- do you have any unfinished projects laying around?
Always. I don’t really know how to elaborate on this other than ‘there is no safe surface in our house.’ It’s funny though because I make myself too anxious with surfaces that are cluttered, so that helps me get projects complete.

4. Describe yourself in 3 words that begin with the same letter.
Loud, Learning, Loving

5. What is your favorite room in your house and why? (Bonus points for adding lots of pictures)
Our great room is my favorite room. It’s where we spend most of our time playing and hanging out as a family. Because I’m not afraid to show that we’re real people, with real messes, here is our family room at 9:45pm 8.21.14. We always pick up right before we go to bed so it’s a nice clean start for the next day, but we’re a few hours from that right now. Please also excuse the phone quality and yes, I’m blogging from a tray because I don’t want to be alone in the office. Also, no, the gallery wall STILL isn’t complete. sigh
room1 room2

6. List 5 things you love about your husband.
Only 5? Not to brag, but that is hard for me. You could call me obsessed. 1. His love for Sophie is so strong. He will literally do anything in the world for her. 2. His love of learning. Anything he questions, he looks up. He learns how to build decks, wire houses, instal back splashes and fixes any electronic mystery just by stepping into the room. 3. His bravery. Maybe I’m afraid of too many things, but his name would be One in Divergent. He’s not afraid of spiders, heights or noises at night. His only fear is something happening to us. 4. He doesn’t get worked up. About anything. Sometimes, this is hard for me, because it also means he doesn’t get squeally when he’s excited. On the other hand, he  is so cool about everything that I’m usually outraged about. This includes a screaming baby who won’t sleep, a $200 electronic I just broke, a burned meal, dead flowers that he just planted, a $500 loss of a cancelled plane ticket or getting lost because Google Maps lies. It helps me to know when he is passionate about something because I can see the spark in his eyes. 5. His willingness to try anything. To learn an instrument (or 3), write a novel, not eat chocolate or Mt. Dew for 30 days or making a board game. Swoon. I’m thankful for him.

7. What is the best part of motherhood so far?
Everything? Her smile, when she gets excited about a song or walking with her walker, when she squeals to look at the phone for Facetime, when she’s babbling to her toys in her crib, when she’s being patient trying to watch and learn from us, when she snuggles us, when she brings Lexi her toys, when she shares her food with us, when she’s experiencing something new and I can see the wheels in her head moving, the awesomeness that is to come…everything.

8. I see you have a dog. What other pets have you had throughout your lifetime?
We’ll start at the beginning to make things easier on me. I had two cats growing up, Tiger (my sister’s cat) and Misty (a kitten I got for my 6th birthday). I had two German Shepards growing up, Harlee (a puppy we got when I was 10) and Maggie (a rescue we got after we had to put Harlee down). I adopted Bunny when I met Jeffrey as my own because he loved me so much. I have extremely fond memories of all of my pets but Harlee, Maggie and Bunny I miss a lot. The sadness I’ll have when Lexi passes is unimaginable.

9. Have you completed all of the tasks on your 35 before 35 list? If not what are you working on or planning next?
I have done one thing! I finished Soph’s quilt for her Birthday! We have also registered and paid for a 5k next April and we’ve both been training for the race. The next one I’ll probably complete is picking apples at the orchard because we may go there on our Anniversary next month. I have until January until my ‘I only have 5 years to get this done’ countdown starts. I think I’ll be able to do it!

10. List your top 5 favorite songs.
Send Me On My Way- Rusted Root, Blackbird- Beatles, We’re in This Together-NiN, Always a Woman- Billy Joel, Small Town-John Mellencamp

Bonus: Answer one question you asked me! What fun activity are you looking forward to in the near future?
This is why I’m a big nerd and love doing weird things: for our 4th anniversary, we are celebrating by going to Midieval Times. Can. Not. Wait.
Awesome swap Jenessa! These were fun questions! I’m glad you’ve decided to join in #AAF! Anyone else wear water shoes to concerts? Who has a family room messier than ours? If you’ve been to Vegas, do you also eat at least 3 desserts/day because they are the BEST? Dreaming of chocolate cakes tonight.

Easy Weave

Hey crafters! As I said last week, I’ve been really busy with some projects around here and I’ve since completed two of them! I’ve seen people doing weaves and tutorials EVERYWHERE and was really interested, but kind of wanted to save that project until winter when I’ll be cooped up inside. Seems like sitting by the fire with hot chocolate is the perfect way to weave on a loom. I took the easy way out when I saw Laura post this amazing tapestry on ABM I knew it’d be perfect to fill the giant hole in my gallery wall.

easy-tapestryThe technique couldn’t have been easier. The entire project was maybe a 3 out of 10 in terms of difficulty but a 7 out of 10 on time consuming. tapestry-materialsMaterials Needed:

  • Woven rug (I got this leather rug)
  • Yarn of various textures
  • Crochet hook
  • Dowel rod
  • String for hanging (I used leather)
  • Drill
  • Spraypaint
  • Scissors
  • Patience

oden's-beardBecause this project was so time consuming and brainless, I only did weaving while we’d watch movies or I’d hang out with my friend. This was great for me because I like to do two things at once but it also means that I didn’t get any action shots! THE WORST! Laura’s tutorial is killer though and I couldn’t have written it better.

hair-cutOnce I had the full tapestry woven, it was time for a hair cut. I kind of just chopped as I saw fit. Some areas I did angles, others I just let them be raggity. Also, if you want to know how I made that nifty gif, go to this tutorial by Popcosmo!

tapestry1tapestry2This is the beautiful view Sophie and I get when we walk out of her room. The two pieces on the right are mine but the dreamy Hot Air Balloon is a photograph by Tamara. I requested Rob to make Cinderella’s Castle and he pulled through! I also want to say that I’m thankful to my husband to being confident enough in his manhood that he allowed this massive tapestry of PINK in our family room. :) It makes me happy. Anyone else tried their hand at weaving yet? I’d love to see your projects!

I’m Yours

i'm-yoursToday, Sophie danced to a song for the first time! She’s gotten excited when music plays before but today she bounced throughout I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and, obviously, I thought it was the cutest thing in the universe. It was kind of a funny song for her to like but now I guess I’ll have to listen to more JM! Although the lyrics are between lovers, I thought the sentiment ‘I’m Yours’ was sweet between Mommy and Daughter. I will ALWAYS be there for her and I’m proud to be hers. I kind of want to go wake her up from her nap so I can go snuggle her but I’ll be patient and play with her when she wakes.

Talkin Bout a Mug Swap

Ello loves! If the Jimmy Fallon Head Swap tune did not automatically come into your head when you read that title, I implore, go watch this video before  you read on. Not that it’s related in any way to the post, but because it’s hilarious, if you like Jimmy. Also, I like this video because it’s from when the Superbowl was in Indy and it was really fun. For the rest of today I’ll be singing everything I do to this tune. It usually lasts for a couple days.

mug-swapBack to the post! Do you guys read Kallie’s thoughts at But First, Coffee? She’s super cute and she’s hosting a mug swap that is now, sadly closed, but she has them more than once so you can join in the next one! For this swap, we were just sent our partners and I’m super stoked to have someone I can relate to! Bex is a West Virginian who lives with her musically inclined boyfriend and to big pups. She blogs music, yoga and and quirky stories of what’s going on in her life. I love that she’s so personable in her writing style. Honestly, you’ll feel like her best friend if you read her site, A Girl Awake, for 10 minutes. That’s why I’m so excited to swap with her! She recently did a post that I thought looked really random and fun (at least for me) so I’m jumping on that bandwagon and joining her in the numbers game. *Sidenote: it was a bit strange when I read My Life in Numbers because I was listening to a Cookie Monster record with Soph and Count was on singing this song!

my-life-in-numbers0 flights out of the country (I don’t count Puerto Rico because I didn’t get to site see)
1 the number of bunny’s I’ve loved
2 built-in best friend nieces
3 pairs of shoes that I rotate between through the year
4 hot dogs eaten in one sitting
7 the number of places I’ve called home
7 the number of years my heart has  belonged to Jeffrey
8 teeth for Sophie to bite me with
9 states that I’ve vacationed
12 jobs that I have learned something from
13 the number on my soccer jerseys
18 bobbi pins tangled on my nightstand
20 concerts I’ve rocked out at
29 years that I’ve lived on planet Earth
65 bottles of nail polish
120 people that inspire me on Instagram
145 FB profile pictures of my mug
386 books on our bookshelf

So there’s my introduction to my Mug Swap partner, Bex and my life in numbers! Have you done a mug swap before? Were any of my numbers surprising to you? I want to know your numbers! If you do a My Life in Numbers post, send it to me!

Ask Away Friday with Dana || Kiss My List

Happy Friday peeps! I’m hoping today has come without too much stress from this past week! I loved this past week because the weather was absolutely perfect every day. *swoon* Before starting the weekend, we gotta play Ask Away Friday!

Ask Away Friday BadgeToday my swap partner is the fab Dana from Kiss My List. We’re kindred hearts in the list department. I love reading Dana’s posts because she is straight forward, funny and interesting! Can’t go wrong. I mean, she’s featured in TWO books so she’s totally legit as a mom, wife, blogger, list maker and project doer (and chocolate eater.)


1. You can only visit one park at WDW. Which one do you visit, and where do you go first?
With my daughter: Magic Kingdom and straight to The Castle! With my husband: EPCOT and straight to World’s Showcase.

mexico2. Before you had your daughter, did you envision yourself as a mother of girls or boys? Has having a daughter been different than what you expected?
I was actually hoping for a boy first so he could take care of his younger sister. As soon as we heard it was a girl I couldn’t have been happier. I thought of all the fun things we can do together and the things I can teach her. Now I’d really like to have a sister for Soph in a few years because I had a sister and that’s what I’m familiar with, so naturally think it’s the best. ;)

japan3. I didn’t start blogging until my kids were 11 and 14, but I often wonder what it would have been like if I had blogged when they were babies and toddlers. Do you find it helpful to read other parent’s blogs, or does it stress you out to see what everyone else is doing?
I will dabble in reading other mom blogs but the ones I enjoy reading don’t have kids Sophie’s age. I like talking to people about their babies but I don’t like to read ‘what your baby should be doing’.

4. In one word answers, tell me the quality that you love about each member of your family (including your dog!) Then name something about each member that irks you. Don’t forget to include yourself.
Sophie: Excitable; Bitey    Jeffrey: Stable; Kainotophobic   Lexi: Loyal; Pushy    Me: Thoughtful; Anxious

family5. I’ve never been to Jimmy John’s, but my son has been bugging me to take him there. What should I order if I want to eat relatively healthy? What should he eat if he couldn’t care less about being healthy?
You gotta take him (if you like cold subs)! You could get any sandwhich on whole wheat or as an unwhich (lettuce wrap.) You could have a #13 Gormet Veggie Club if you like veggies a lot. If your son likes meat, he could get the #11 Country Club and if he’s super hungry tell them to leave the bread in. I always get a #1 ez tomato, ez mayo. Their BBQ chips are delish, everyone raves about their pickles and their chocolate chunk cookie is amazing.

Bergman-wedding-JJ6. What is something about you that doesn’t come through on your blog- something that you want people who have never met you in person to know?
I don’t show a lot of my punny side on the blog. I can be quick witted and notice puns super easy. I also don’t think my big heart shows on the blog. I have big feels for certain people, ideas, places etc. that I get very passionate and defensive about.

race_19937. What material possession do you cherish more than anything else?
My scrapbooks and home movies with no question. The whole area under our bed is crammed full of scrapbooks from when I was little, yearbooks of Jeffrey and I and current photo albums. Even more than scrapbooks, I love watching home movies. My dad transferred all of our home movies onto DVDs and added chapters so it’s easy to find specific events. It’s my favorite thing in the whole world (besides the actual people in the videos.)

last-work-area8. Many stay at home moms joke about living in yoga pants-or maybe they really do. I didn’t own a pair until I joined a gym and wore them to work out. How about you? Are you a yoga pants mama, or do you make it a point to get dressed (in real clothing) every day?
I’ll wear yoga pants 1-2 days of the week. I will admit. This is mostly because I don’t want to spend money on jeans that fit me because I hate being this size. I quite like fashion and it really changes my mood for the whole day if I feel confident in what I’m wearing. My go-to outfit is black skinny jeans, a black v-neck and strappy leather sandals that I can accessorize according to my mood. Also, some yoga pants are SUPER cute with designs and flowers on them! They also cost more than my whole outfit, so I don’t have any.

9. This is random, but your ‘What’s in my Car’ post made me think of it. Can you name all the cars you’ve ever owned? Did you give any of them names?
It’s super easy to name all the cars I’ve personally owned because there was only one under my name. I’ll name all the cars I’ve driven but I didn’t name any of them. My first car was when I was a senior in HS and it was a blue 93′ Ford Escort. I crashed it in a head on collision the next year and was very sad to loose that car. My replacement car was a red 97′ Dodge Stratus that got me through driving back and forth to college a billion times. It started having more and more problems so I’d bought a grey 08′ Mazda 3 Hatchback from a co-worker because it was an amazing deal and was in really great condition. I LOVED that car because I learned how to drive stick on it and, because it was hatchback, could fit unbelievable amounts of stuff in it. When we found out we were pregnant we knew we’d need more room for traveling with Soph and Lexi so we bought our current car, a black 12′ Nissan Mirano, of which I LOVE. Every single thing about this car, I love and highly recommend it to everyone who needs a smallish SUV. what's-in-my-car-square

10. I always end with a ‘Would You Rather,’ and I’m recycling one I’ve asked before because I love it. Would you rather spend an entire day running errands without a bra or without shoes? It’s summertime-so no covering up with a sweater!
Super easy! No shoes! If it were legal for me to go around with no shoes, I would. 1. I’m a hippie that way. 2. I have super wide feet so I only have one pair of shoes for each season which makes it hard to match to clothes. I LOVE the idea of heels and cool shoes to switch up an outfit but I just don’t fit in them!

feetFun swap Dana! I loved thinking about my answers throughout the week (because she got them to me super early!) Does anyone else hate wearing shoes? I know a lot of people that hate NOT wearing shoes and that’s strange to me. Any one else get a #1 at JJ? If not, what do you get? I think I’ll go watch home movies now. :)