20 Date Ideas

20 Dates
Hopefully these date ideas will inspire you to spend some time with someone you love!

1. Find a recipe and cook it together. Make it a theme night and play music to match the type of meal.
2. Go off the grid for the weekend- no cell phones, no TV, no computers. You’ll be amazed at what you can do for entertainment.
3. Go see a movie at the drive-in.
4. Go to a restaurant you both have never been to and order their specialty.
5. Buy 3 bottles of the cheapest wine and have your own wine tasting at home.
6. Play a board game.
7. Go bowling and order cheese fries.
8. Have a spa night. Take a relaxing bath then follow up by taking turns giving each other massages.
9. Movie or TV marathon.
10. Play some miniature golf.
11. Hit some balls at the batting cages.
12. Be in control and go to a shooting range. Be careful!
13. Put together a puzzle.
14. Go on a food crawl. Go to a different restaurant for an appetizer, entrรฉe, and dessert.
15. Go fishing with worms.
16. Dress up to the nines and test drive a car you have no intention to buy.
17. Pack lots of blankets and drive out in the country to look at the stars. Don’t forget brownies!
18. Snuggle up by the fire and read a book with hot chocolate together.
19. Give yourself an imaginary budget. Then separately go online and pick out all the things you would buy for each other with the money.
20. Get active! Go on a bike ride, hike, geocache, etc.

Have you heard of ‘couch dates’? They’re a great way to stay regularly connected to your lover every week or so. I’d love to hear more suggestions on fun things to spice up a Wednesday night!

Blog Your Life

BlogIf you’ve ever gotten burnt out from blogging, this is a great quote to remember. Your life, your family, your happiness is what’s important in life. I’ve been struggling with Blogger Burnout and have recently realized I need to put my priorities in to perspective. I’d read an article by the NY Times regarding YHL’s burnout and break from their blog and loved the quote ‘Do I want to pour my energy into the lives of complete strangers or the people under my own roof?’ When blogging stresses you out, and is no longer a creative outlet, it’s not worth it (especially if you’re not monetized). I am definitely going to continue to improve my blogging skills, learn more about analytics and social media but I will not be posting 5-6 times/week. Behind the scenes, each DIY post takes me 2-6+ hours in total which must be rushed during naps and daylight hours (for photography reasons.) I’m re-energized and inspired to create and write while still having the ability to created off-line and not feel pressured to live for my blog. From now on, I’ll be blogging my life. Life’s too short to not be passionate about what you do.

Halloween Home Tour

Happy hauntings friendly ghosts! I super love Halloween. I loved it growing up because we’d always carve pumpkins, decorate, listen to spooky music, watch Halloween cartoons and (my favorite) go Trick or Treating! I’m looking forward to Halloween this year because we’ll get to take Sophie out for her first night of Trick or Treating as a 50’s Bee Bop Girl! We’ve gone to the pumpkin patch a couple times and have made quite a few home made Halloween decorations this year. I’ve been asked a few times to put my home decorations up on the blog but was hesitant, since I did not make tutorials for everything I made this year, but still wanted to share our fun and spooky house.


I’ll start with the outside of our home, as if you’re coming to Trick or Treat! You may have already read about our Halloween Street Sign out front. I added a few styrofoam tomb stones near the sign. Next year I’d like to get some lighting for the sign and tomb stone to make it a bit spookier at night. I made a rope spiderweb hanging between the columns of our porch with a friendly sparkly spider (because I’m afraid of spiders and I hate the ones that look real!) I left up the leaf garland on the columns from our fall decor to add a little color.


As you walk up the steps I have a few potted mums surrounded by some tiny pumpkins and gourds.

halloween-postsAt the top of the stairs are these CUTE Halloween decorations that my parents made for me out of 4x4s!


Up on the porch I hung a few friendly ghosts from clear 3m hooks. I left my Fall wreath up but will need to make a fun Halloween wreath next year. I bought a large white styrofoam pumpkin and used my Cricut to cut out Happy Haunting and some black crows in black vinyl. It worked better than I thought it would! I wanted something that I could peel off and change each year since the pumpkin was a bit pricey. The pumpkin is sitting in a culdron with leaves around it to fill in the gap. I spray painted some scrap wood with chalkboard paint and wrote a fun Trick or Treat for our little ghosts and goblins this year. I also used my Cricut to cut out a few black ravens and put them around the porch.


Welcome inside! The entry way has light up fall leaves framing the door as well as bats flying around. I scored these cardstock bats two years ago for $1 as a garland and somehow they’ve held up for the third year!


Our console table has a lot of spider stuff going on, which is strange, since I’m so afraid of them! I cut out the spider web bunting from a free SVG file with, once again, my Cricut. I spray painted a styrofoam pumpkin with chalkboard paint to entice Jeffrey to decorate it because ‘it’s manly’. It hasn’t happened yet. The little light up pumpkin is a ceramic pumpkin Jeffrey’s grandma made, fired, painted and handed down to him. The black crow, owl and spiderweb cloth were all found on clearance after last year’s Halloween decorations went on 90%off!

halloween-kitchenThe entry to the kitchen is decorated with more fall leaves, the other half of the bat garland and a sweet Happy Halloween sign I found at Michael’s.

halloween-garlandI decided to leave up the happy fall felt leaf garland I’d made over the entryways to our bedrooms. They were too cute and happy to put away.

halloween-mantleThe mantle is my favorite part of our home to decorate for Halloween and Christmas. I change it every year and this year’s is definitely my favorite so far. The amazing skull bunting was found 6 years ago and is my favorite Halloween decoration. The giant canvas was painted by yours truly, as a nod to Jeffrey’s favorite Halloween movie, and the Jack and Sally were cut out by my Cricut.



I made this funย googly eyed BOO! frame as a fun craft with my friend earlier this year. The sweet skull with the bowtie was a free printable from Persia Lou that I changed up a bit by using glitter scrapbook paper rather than gold flakes.

halloween-mantle-rightJeffrey and Soph made me Sophie’s foot cast for Mother’s Day this year and I think it’s the cutest thing ever, but also looks really creepy under the spider! I love the geometric/modern look of the Witch printable from Eighteen25 and even better, it’s free! The white pumpkin is my pumpkin to decorate when Jeffrey does his. We still have a few days, right?


I have tons of other random pumpkins throughout the house and LOTS of awesome fall candles like ‘pumpkin waffles’ and ‘carmel cider’ so it feels like fall (and I’m constantly hungry.) I’ve done a few other Halloween crafts, that are not shown because they were fails, or I just didn’t finish them…like Sophie’s Spider Handprint shirt. We’re just going to say it was a spider that got smashed by Mommy. :)

Have you finished with Halloween decorations yet for this year? (I hope so!) Do you like decorating outside or in your home better? I kinda want to decorate those pumpkins with Jeffrey now that I’ve realized how weird they look blank. Oh by the way, I’m taking all of this down and putting it back up this week after Sophie’s Birthday. Yes. Call me crazy. I know it’s crazy but I wanted to make fun decorations for her Sprinkles & Confetti Birthday Party this weekend! More on that later!

If you want similar decorating ideas and more free printables, check out my Halloween Fun Pinterest board!
Follow Shelly Bergman’s board Halloween Fun on Pinterest.


They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Hello loves! This week you will have to follow me via my social medias because we’re on vacation in celebration of our little bean! It was her first Birthday yesterday and we celebrated with pumpkin pancakes, a trip to the park and lots outrageous amounts of kisses! If you’re here from the Pinning Party or a link-up I was featured on, thanks for stopping by and I’m sorry I won’t be here to entertain you this week. There’s plenty in the archives though so by the time you get through them, I’ll be back from vacation. ;)

I hope you all have the best week ever with lots of fun and awesomeness! Hug your little ones and tell them how much you love them! Celebrate them everyday.

Halloween Nail Ideas

Happy Friday! I hope you all have had an awesome week so far this October! I have another Halloween inspire post today but next week I’ll be back to some regular diy/craft type posts. I wanted to do a Halloween nails round up to go along with my Fall nails roundup. These are all nail ideas that are do-able by a beginner nail artist. The jack-o-lantern faces may take a few tries but everything else is pretty straight forward!


  1. I super love these jack-o-lantern nails because you could make them as scary or happy as you’d like. You could even have them match the pumpkins that you carve!
  2. How creepy, yet amazing, are these claw nails? These would be awesome if you were a werewolf or kitty cat for Halloween!
  3. This sophisticated black french tip on black matte would be perfect for any Halloween party.
  4. How can you go wrong with a chunky orange glitter?! Fun & easy!
  5. This marble nail art is seriously cool! I’ve attempted it a few times unsuccessfully but I have faith I’ll get it!
  6. Glow in the dark polish has come a long way since I was a kid! This ghost polish looks good in day and night!
  7. I’m a fan of all my nails being different. This stamped Halloween nail set is way fun! I think I could do most of them free-hand.
  8. Always watching! You could make these spooky eyes less scary by only using round dots for the eyes.
  9. The manicure I want to try the most are these candy corn gradient nails! They are so happy and delish!
  10. By far, the most difficult nail art if doing it free hand, but also the most amazing! I heart Jack Skellington!

Which is your favorite? Have you ever used glow-in-the-dark polish?! So awesome, especially when you go put-putting at an indoor blacklight course or skating rink! I’m going to need to get a yellow, orange and glow-in-the-dark apparently!


Olaf Poodle Skirt

Hello friend! Guess what? More Halloween awesomeness is happening today on the blog! I’ll think about cooling it with Halloween…once I make every Halloween recipe and decoration I see on Pinterest. Speaking of, have you seen this hilarious Pinterest ‘Shake-it-off’ Parody?! I seriously feel like her this week while I’m trying to make all my decorations for the Pinning Party Sunday. Also, my kitchen looked exactly like that today. There were four projects going on! Baaaaaack to the Olaf poodle skirt tutorial though!
olaf-poodle-skirtI have been racking my brain for a couple months trying to decide what Soph should be for Halloween. I only have a couple years that I get to decide what she should be so I gotta make it good! I needed a costume that could be worn if it was t-shirt and shorts weather or over a snow suit because you never know what it’ll be like on Halloween in the Midwest. I loved having poodle skirts in our dress up growing up and I thought that would be something I could customize for her personality and it wouldn’t be too tough for Daddy and I to dress up with her on Halloween.
materialsMaterials Needed:

  • 1 yd of felt (I had enough for two skirts but I wanted that much in case I messed up)
  • Orange, black, brown and glitter white felt
  • Pom pom ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Olaf Template
  • Sewing machine

circle-skirtI checked out this poodle skirt tutorial before making Sophie’s but realized my felt was in a long strip rather than a large square so I just tried to somewhat replicate it and hoped for the best. I measured Sophie’s waist at 20 inches and added two inches to make up for the overlap in the seam. I measured out 11 inches and made a half circle using this super technical technique I call ‘putting your finger in the hole of the ruler and using it as a make-shift compass.’
mistake-measureFrom the center of my C, I measured out 12 inches and did the same fancy compass technique. This is when I made my ‘typical Shelly’ mistake. I did not start skirt 12 inches from the edge of the felt material and had to start over. Thankfully you couldn’t see the pencil marks through the fabric.
skirt-templateBefore sewing anything together I wrapped it around Sophie to make sure it was the right size. It wasn’t. It was too big and super long so I trimmed the edges until I felt like it was a good size (remembering to keep enough length to account for the elastic waist band and the addition of pom poms.) See how un-even it is? It doesn’t matter because no one but me will notice.
pin-waistI wanted Sophie to be able to wear this skirt, possibly, for a year as dress up, so I used elastic as the waist band. I’ve seen some people use buttons or velcro as well. I made a channel (probably not a sewing term) wide enough for my elastic to easily slide through.
pin-seamI matched the two edges together, making sure they were good-side facing each other, and sewed along the edge. I’m not sure if it’s important to do the waist band first or this seam first but it seeamed to work out great this way (see what I did there?)
thread-elasticTo get the elastic through the waist band, use the ole safety pin trick my Mom taught me. This trick comes in handy if the string comes out of your hoodie. I left plenty of extra elastic and tied it in a bow so I could let the elastic out as she gets bigger. It’s hidden under the skirt so no one will see the extra elastic. modelBefore you go any further, try it on your model, if she’s available. Thankfully Sophie was having a bad nap day so she was happy to be my model…as long as there were Cherrios involved. Notice the skirt is inside-out for easy adjusting of the elastic. Also notice Lexi never a foot away from Sophie when food is involved.
templateThe next part was the second hardest part of the poodle skirt making process. The tracing part was easy enough but the cutting out was super tedious and made my eyes cross. Don’t even get me started on Olaf’s eyebrows. I just used a regular pen to trace on the lighter felts and a silver paint pen to trace on the black felt. I also flipped the white templates over and traced them on the back side of the glitter felt so there was no chance of black ink showing once cut.
lay-patternThe next step was, by far, the most frustrating part of the whole project. Once you lay Olaf out approximately where he’s ‘in shape’ (get my Frozen reference?) it’s time to hot glue his teeny tiny arms and eyebrows! I suggest gluing him together fully before gluing him to the skirt and make sure there are no children around to hear your curse words while you burn yourself repeatedly.
glue-pom-pomOnce Olaf is 110% secured (because you KNOW Sophie’s going to try to pick his eyes off) it’s the final touch of the pom pom ribbon! I used hot glue for this step because I’m not a very straight seamstress. If you are better at sewing, you might want to sew the ribbon on and even sew around Olaf for good measure.
finsihed-skirtYAY! Cutest skirt ever and very quick! I got this skirt done between naps in one afternoon+evening. I’d say it was fairly easy to trouble shoot as well, for when I made mistakes! I’m quite proud of my little girl’s first Halloween costume!
happy-olafOlaf seems pretty excited about it too. What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year? Have you ever DiYed their costumes?! Do you all dress as a family or are you too embarrassed to dress up with them? I always loved that my parents dressed up when they took us around! I dress up every year whether I’m going to a party or just handing out candy because why not?! Two years ago I was Effie and none of the little kids understood. They thought I was someone from Harry Potter.

PS I’ll update this post with photos once we go Trick or Treating so you can see the full costume. I’m still deciding on how to make her onesie. I’m thinking about doing a black long sleeve onesie and adding a sparkly felt snowflake. I’m kinda hoping her hair is long enough for pigtails as well. ;)

For more cutie patootie Halloween costume ideas, check out my Halloween board.

Halloween Party Treats

Helloooooo October! Can I officially be in the Halloween spirit yet?! I keep getting put down because I started a week early. I did take the neighbor ‘pointing it out’ as a compliment because he was afraid of ME as competition! For today, we’re talking treats, not tricks. Here are my top 10 favorite Halloween desserts that I am excited to try out. I love doing round ups so we can all have a chance to check out other blogs and share their awesome talents with others! Go check these ladies out and make a few Halloween party treats with your family!
halloween-treats-pinterestThe biggest reason I love these treats is for their level of cuteness and how easy they are to make! I also like how so many of them are kid friendly, so get your kids involved! Another great treat comes after Halloween once you’re overflowing with candy bars…cookie pizza with candy bar toppings! My favorite dessert ever!
halloween-monster-rolloAmy’s (The Idea Room) Monster Eye Cookies are what I want to try the most this Halloween! The mixture of peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies with a carmel Rolo on top?! You’ve got my attention! I also love that you can customize these guys by using your favorite cookie recipe.
spiderweb-cookies-halloween-recipe-craft-funDon’t these Spider Web Sugar Cookies that Autumn (It’s Always Autumn) made look like they’re straight from Martha Stewart?! She has a great tutorial on how to make these creepy crawly cookies. Have a favorite sugar cookie recipe from your great grandma? Perfect reason to use it! Does the web marbling remind anyone of nail marbling?
Eye-of-Newt-PretzelsSheryl’s (Lady Behind the Curtain) Eye of Newt Pretzels are hilariously adorable! I love the colors she used and that there’s a little salt added into the dessert mix! These would be great to wrap as favors as well!
monsters-cookies-sugarMy girl, Meaghan (The Decorated Cookie), knows a thing or two about decorating cookies and these Fun Monster Cookies show off her talent! These would be so fun to decorate with the whole family and see all the different expressions everyone could come up with!
Yummy-Gooey-Monster-Cookies-1Ok, anyone seeing a pattern here? I must be crushin’ on Monsters this year! I think it’s the googly eyes!! Kristyn (Lil Luna) made these Gooey Monster Cookies look so fun to make AND they sound absolutely delish! You could make the dye for the cookies match the color theme of your party too!
Candy-Corn-treatsWhat’s Halloween without Candy Corn?! Anyone else eat them one color at a time? What about those candy-corn-like-pumpkins that you have to eat the green stem off first? No? Ok, well these Candy Corn Rice Crispy Treats that Glory (Glorious Treats) made are genius! So easy and super cute!
Halloween-BarkSpeaking of candy corn, this Halloween bark could not be cuter, tastier or easier! I love bark because you can make a lot of it with little effort and it always looks so fun! Corey (Family Fresh Meals) made this Halloween Bark super cute by adding that extra bit of Halloween party sprinkles and using Halloween Oreos!mickey-pumpkin-whoopie-pies-recipe-photoWhat would a Halloween Treats Round-Up be without something PUMPKIN FLAVORED?! I’ve never tried to make woopie pies but I imagine there is nothing cuter in this world than these Mickey Pumpkin Woopies (Disney Family)! My mouth is watering.
monster_eye_cakeCarrie (The Cake Blog) is quite the master of cakes but I’m pretty sure I could do this Monster Eye Cake! It’s adorable! It would be fun to dye the cake batter green or purple as a fun surprise once it’s cut.
Who wants to come over to make these treats with me? It’d be fun to make the cookies or pretzels and take them to the neighbors! Have you had a Halloween Party in the past? Make any cute treats? I may have to make some monster decorations since clearly I’m a bit obsessed.

I can not take credit for the awesome photography or ideas of these recipes. Please give all credit to the linked blogs and share from their sites.

Also! This Saturday, Oct 5th, besides it being Sophie girl’s 1 year Birthday (!), I’m going to be co-hosting a Frozen Halloween Pinning Party!

frozen_announce(1)Come join us!

October Goals

octoberHappy October 1st! I’m doing another round of Monthly Goals to help me stay on task for the month of October. First, let’s see how I did on my first month of goal planning in September. I achieved all three goals under family! With the occasional later bedtime while traveling or the weekend, we’ve got Soph on a more regular bedtime routine! Jeffrey and I went to see Mike Birbiglia and Soph and I went to every Babies Loves Books except the Monday she was visiting her Grandparents. My Life goals were not as successful! I did not complete ANY of them! We stopped Whole 30 a week early just because. There really was no reason. We are going to continue to eat those foods with an occasional treat until we reach our goals. We both lost a lot (24 lb for me) but still have a ways to go. I can’t figure out how to get my darn Lumo Lift to stay on my body, so until I get that figured out, it sits on my desk. I didn’t even attempt Me Before You because I read reviews on how terribly sad it was and couldn’t put myself through that! I got half way through Daring Greatly and am really enjoying that book! I did nothing with Project Life or my closet building plans. I saw that it was going to cost $890 for new wood hangers and decided the closet reno will have to be for another time. I did pretty terrible on my Blog goals as well. I still have not completed Blog Life and I only revamped one old post. I did, however, repin like a mad woman. I also got asked by Anna to be a co-host for a big Pinning Party this Saturday for Boogie Wipes! I’m OK with the things I didn’t get accomplished because I got a lot of non-goal items accomplished!


  • To be present this month. There is a ridiculous amount going on this month and I want to be sure to be present for my family rather than going through the motions and checking events off my to-do list.
  • Continue Babies Love Books every Monday
  • Take a family walk 3 times/week
  • Find a date-night sitter for Soph


  • Swim 2 times/week
  • Read Eleanor & Park
  • No laundry on the weekends


  • Complete Blog Life (for realz)
  • Revamp 2 old posts
  • Make 2 new pins for 2 top re-pinned pins

guitarPS. is this not the cutest? What are your goals for October? How’d September turn out for you? I fear October, November and December are going to be tough to accomplish all my goals but I’m up for trying!

The Secret Killer

shameShame is a hard thing to overcome. One can not even feel vulnerable unless they get past shame. Brene Brown wrote the quote ‘the secret killer of innovation is shame’ in Daring Greatly in regards to people never putting themselves out there for fear of what others think. My heart aches for the people who don’t share their music, art, writings or newest invention because they are worried about criticism. They see their work as a representation of their whole self and if someone doesn’t like something they create, they must not like them. Imagine where the world would be if everyone was afraid of what others thought about what they create. Be brave. Overcome shame.

Halloween Street Sign

Hello to all you people itching to decorate for Halloween! I started early this year, by a week, and my husband was NOT happy. I had to though because our October weekends are already full and I really wanted to make a Halloween street sign! I’d seen street signs like this for weddings and have always thought they were cool but didn’t know when I’d ever use one…until now!

halloween-street-signWe I loved making this sign because I could put our personalities into it. We made a list of scary/Halloween places and narrowed it down to our top 7 favorites. Unfortunately, the Shrieking Shack did not make the cut but I’m pretty happy with the ones that made it on the sign. Obviously to represent #teamEdward, I had to have Forks, WA. I also had a few nods to Disney with Jeffrey’s favorite Disney movie, Nightmare Before Christmas (as well as Monstropolis and The Haunted Mansion.) I’ve been told Crystal Lake and Elm St. are from popular scary movies of which I will never watch. I’m pretty sure everybody, young or old, knows the tale of The Headless Horseman so we threw Sleepy Hallow on as well. For us, this project was 100% free because we had every item on hand, but it would still be a fairly cheap project if you were looking to buy the materials. Check out the scrap wood pile at your local hardware store for free wood.

Materials Needed:

  • 7 ft 4×4
  • Several 1×3, 1×4, 1×5 or 1×6 boards cut at varied lengths
  • 8ft 2×4
  • Miter or Hand Saw
  • Chisel (optional)
  • Wood Stain
  • Brush and Rag for Stain
  • Screws
  • 2 Bolts & 2 Nuts
  • Acrylic Paint & Brushes
  • Letter Stencils
  • Polyurethane Spray

jeansThe first step is to wear the proper clothing. Flip flops are not the proper protection when working with large lumber and a saw but I can’t wear shoes because of my broken toe. Your husband’s jeans are the other piece of attire that you will want to wear, as you will get sawdust and stain on your clothes (don’t forget to ask first.)

chisel-topJeffrey had the great idea to have some of the boards angled, so he used the miter saw to cut the corners off the 4×4 and finished them off with a chisel to make the angles longer. This step is optional.

lay-outAs you cut boards, lay them on the sign to see how you like them spaced. By laying them out we decided which ones we wanted to have points on the end and made sure we didn’t have too many that looked the same. (Please forgive the photo as it was dark when we were building.)

baseFor the base, Jeffrey used nuts and bolts to attach two 2ft 2x4s and screwed two 2ft 2x4s perpendicular on the ends of those boards, making an H.

painting-materialsI stained the wood pieces according to the directions on the can. I stained them by the motion detective security light that constantly was turning off. Mistake number two (the first was wearing flip flops.) Thankfully, I didn’t mind if the stain was uneven and having some boards darker than others, because I wanted them to look different, as if they were added at different times. I also liked that we had several types of wood so the stain ended up being varying shades of brown.

forksI was not meticulous on my hand writing or the evenness of the paint. Not sure why, but in my mind, the people who would write the signs didn’t really care that they looked nice? Not sure where I got that, but I feel since it is for Halloween, it can be a bit sloppy. I used a round tip brush for the cursive signs.

halloween-townI used a flat tip brush for the bold signs.

stencilFor one sign, I did a sloppy job of painting an alphabet stencil. My husband suggested I use Sophie’s hand in red paint to smear on the sign. I thought using a baby’s hand print would be too creepy. Also, by adding another element on top of the words, I’d probably mess up the sign and make them too hard to read.

street-signsOnce I wrote on all of the signs, I sprayed a clear polyurethane on the front of the boards. See the bottom right area where it’s sprayed white? I had the wrong can of spray paint and used white instead of clear! Mistake 3. I mimicked the white spray paint up in the top left to even it out and didn’t worry about it. Mistakes happen!

attatching-signsWe attached the boards by pre-drilling a hole in each sign and then screwing it to the 4×4. We used only one screw in each board so we could adjust them once they were all added to the post.

finished-signTada! Our sign up in the yard! I still want to do quite a bit more decorating on the porch for Halloween (the leaves are just fall decor.)

finsihed-sign-2I’m going to add tomb stones around the base and light everything with can lights. I may add a few skulls or bone or spiderwebs as well. What do you do to decorate for Halloween? Do you decorate outside too? Are you the playful Halloween decor typeย  person or a gruesome decor type person? Sorry, neighbors, for being ‘that neighbor’ who puts their Halloween stuff up in September!

If you want to see a super easy cute fall decoration, head over to This Silly Girl’s Life to see the Fall Leaf Garland I contributed on Saturday!