Montessori Bedroom

We did it friends! We made the big jump to switch Sophie (age 14 months) to a Montessori inspired room.Call us crazy, but we’re super excited!


This past weekend we took out Sophie’s crib so there would be no turning back! It’s not very conventional to move a child of this age to a big kid bed but we think it’s best for Sophie. It will help aid her in being able to lay down when she’s tired or read a book if she wakes up at 6a (before Mommy).


Her dresser has stayed pretty much the same from the start. Her drawers are still organized as they were in her nursery post. Her bags and sweatshirt are at easy access with all the necessary diaper changing supplies on top of the dresser. The white cord hanging down in the corner is her camera. We attached the dresser to the wall and covered the outlet so she won’t be tempted to mess with the plugs.


Sophie has a reading nook by her window. Over time I’m sure there will be pillows and blankets and art in this area but for now she likes sitting in this area and looking at her books with Bear. Also, that animal sorting bus in the lower corner is her favorite toy of all time. It’s a hand me down from her niece and I haven’t found it anywhere online, but if you’re looking for a toy for your little one, there are similar toys online.


Sophie’s new bed is the Kura reversible bed from IKEA. There are so many fun ways to customize this bed. We’re thinking of making it more cozy with some kind of top and curtains. We put a temporary body pillow along the wall to make her more comfortable. She’s not a fan of blankets which is why her bedding is just a fitted sheet. With her bed being on the floor, when I see her rubbing her eyes or yawning, I can say ‘do you want to take a nap with Elmer (her elephant)?’ and she’ll walk into her room and lay down with him.


Sophie’s bookcase is minimal with some of her favorite toys and books. I didn’t put many books on the shelves, knowing that for now, I’ll be putting everything back on the shelves when she empties them. We wanted to have learning toys on her shelf that can grow with her as she learns how to play with them better. The Minnie on the top shelf is her sound machine for naps and the Winnie the Pooh is my old lamp/music box from when I was little. Her closet has the rest of her library, more toys and her hamper. Everything is attached to the wall or latched shut so she can’t hurt herself while playing in her room.

We’ve all loved the new setup of Sophie’s room. We’ve been a bit sleep deprived while she’s getting the hang of actually laying in her bed throughout the night time, but we’re only on the second day.

When did you move your toddler to their big kid bed? How was the transition? Any tips on keeping them in the bed but not blocking their access to get up when they want? Wish us luck over these next couple weeks! We’ll be going back and forth between bed, crib and pack and plays with traveling for the holidays! Why not add one more thing on top of the craziness that is Christmas?!



With the holidays in full swing and New Years right around the corner, I think this is a great mantra to follow. This is a happier and more fulfilling way to live life but can be hard to master (near impossible for some of us.) I’m no where near perfection, in any aspect of my life, but I do strive to learn from past mistakes and be a better me than I was yesterday. When thinking of your New Years goals, keep this in mind.

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