Eat Pray Love (Discussion)

Did you get a chance to read Eat Pray Love with us this month for our book club Page Turners? Perhaps you’ve already read it because it’s such a popular story. We chose it for that exact reason. Lisa and I couldn’t believe that neither of us had read this book, although it’d been sitting on my book shelf for years.


A quick background story of the author, Elizabeth Gilbert. Elizabeth wrote Eat Pray Love in 2006 as a memoir [Read more…]

Watercolor Postcards

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you! I hope you all had exactly the kind of weekend you were hoping for, whether it be exciting, relaxing or inspiring. My weekend was a mixture of all three. Friday night I got crazy with watercolors!


For Christmas I received watercolor postcards. I thought it would be nice to do a bunch at once so I’d have them on hand for quick notes. I couldn’t decide on a theme for my stationary so I applied many techniques to my postcards. [Read more…]

Let’s DIY!


I decided to try a new series out this year called Let’s DIY! It’s a spin off of my Friday Finds series I had last year where I featured some of my favorite projects I’d seen the past week. This year I’m gearing it towards DIY projects that I think are inspiring and fresh!

These were my favorite five from this past week! [Read more…]

Create Play Learn

Create. Play. Learn. These three things are what I live for. What I want my days, weeks, years to look like. Yes, there will always be chores, tasks, jobs to do but let’s all create, play and learn more. Take time to do these more and your life will definitely be more fulfilling. What are you working on creating, playing or learning more of?

30 is the New 30

Hello loves! Today marks my 30th Birthday celebration here on planet Earth. I’ve never been one to be worried about getting older or telling my age. I don’t see age as a bad thing, in fact, I see it as a way to show how wise and experienced you are!

finding_nemo [Read more…]

Relaxation IN Anxiety OUT


I have a new mantra for when I’m breathing and trying to calm down. I picture relaxation coming in through the new air I’m breathing in and anxiety going out with my used air. Sometimes just doing this for a few minutes can really help re-focus what’s important. It helps me not get so frustrated when Sophie is throwing the third meal I’ve made her on the floor or when Lexi won’t stop wining to go outside, even though she won’t step foot outside. There’s no room in our minds or bodies for anxiety. Just breathe it out.


Page Turners Book Selection: February

Hi friends! We’re so happy to announce our book selection for February! We wanted to give you plenty of time to get your hands on a copy. So, without further ado, our book selection for February is:


 The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Dissapeared by Jonas Jonasson

It’s about a 100 year old man who decides he’s not going live in a nursing home anymore and starts a new adventure. Maybe I’ll be inspired by it! [Read more…]

Top Posts of 2014

Hello lovelies! I wanted to do a summary post of all the awesomeness that was had in 2014 here at DIY Mama! I had a roller coaster of a year blog-wise. Some days I wanted to stay up til dawn writing and crafting while there were weeks of me not feeling motivated to share one thought. I hear this happens and that it’s ok.

I’ve also learned a ton on the tech & social media side of things, although I feel I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Let’s see what you all thought were the best posts! [Read more…]