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Happy first full week of the new year! Whew! I feel like the past couple weeks months were a bit of a whirl wind. I’m welcoming 2015 with open arms and a bright shining smile. Especially because, we’re going to Disney!


Let me back up. I have been listening to one podcast religiously for the past several months. WDW Radio hosted by Lou Mongello.
I can’t get enough of it. His casts inspire me to learn as much as possible about Disney. His knowledge far outweighs my own on the history of Walt and all that is Disney but his passion for The Mouse definitely rivals my own. Honestly, I’m getting choked up (as always) just thinking about Disney World and all the magic it represents.

I’ll be posting more Disney inspired posts coming up in the next few months as I plan for our trip and will flood you with Disney knowledge once we return (in September). Why can’t we just move to Disney already so I can be a travel planner, or better yet, a ‘travel inspirer’ for Disney?! Sometimes I think nothing would make me happier, but in reality, my family does.

Enough of the mushy! I’m here today to review one of the many awesome products created by Lou Mongello.
102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World: Bonus! 40 Free Things to Enjoy, Eat, Do and Collect!

I may come off as a pedant in regards to my Disney World vacation planning knowledge but it’s really passion that fuels my desire to want you to have the very best experience possible. Lou, on the other hand, really is a braniac at not only Disney World, but Disney Land, their cruises and the history of Walt and the parks. I don’t want to spoil all of the top secret information that he shares in his book, but I wanted to share a few tips that I found helpful.


  • PAGE 126 What to Pack or Ship: We’ll be shipping diapers from Amazon to our resort for when we go in September. We’re also going to be ordering groceries from Garden Grocer to save money on dining.
  • PAGE 140 Park Bag List: Freezing your water bottle the night before, wet wipes, extra ziplock bags (one for wet clothes and one to keep electronics dry on water rides) and those are just a few great ideas from his list!
  • Page 143: Eating in the Parks: (I’ve heard this on his podcast so I don’t feel bad for spilling this tip.) If you’re looking for a quality and inexpensive character meal, make your reservation for breakfast at the Garden Grove restaurant found at Walt Disney World Swan hotel. Less crowded (quality time with characters) and less expensive. Win win!
  • Page 150: Request ice water for free anywhere. You can save more than $145 on soda alone with a family of 4 (and you’ll stay better hydrated!)
  • Page 178: Night-time Safari: You can view animals roaming the savannah at night by going to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Go to the fire pit viewing area and ask a cast member to use the free night vision goggles. Definitely on my to-do list for our next trip!

There are SO MANY wonderful tips in this book on how to save before traveling, planning how to use your time best, save while at Walt Disney World Resort and free things to do and see while visiting. I’m so happy my husband found WDW Radio podcast for me because I have been loving obsessing over Disney ever since.

This is a must buy book for anyone planning a trip to visit The Mouse in Disney World. I’d love to know any fun tips you have learned from traveling to Disney. I also strongly encourage you to check out Lou’s blog and podcast! PS. If when you get 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World, my favorite page is 117.

(There are affiliate links within this post. I paid for my own copy of this book but may receive compensation if you purchase the book through the above links.)

4 thoughts on “102 Ways to Save in Disney World Book

  1. Thanks for sharing this (and future) no-fuss practical tips on saving at Disney. It’s our dream to go with the kids one day. Can you tell us some tips especially for the itty bitty kids? What to spend money on? What not to waste money on? Especially since they are so young! But it sounds like this trip is more for you than Soph ;). That’s ok!
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  2. Thank you SO much for such a wonderful review of the book, Shelly! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it, and found it valuable, entertaining and informative. I sincerely appreciate you sharing it with your readers!!! I look forward to seeing you in Walt Disney World someday soon!!! 🙂 Thank you again!!

    P.S. Love the blog!! Keep up the great work!!
    Lou Mongello recently posted…Show # 390 – 2014 Walt Disney World Year in Review and 2015 PredictionsMy Profile

    1. Thanks Lou! Guys! My first celebrity! 😀 I will let you know closer when we’re coming to Disney World and hopefully your meet up will fall when we’re there! I’d love to walk around with you and swap stories!

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