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Happy Friday peeps! I’m hoping today has come without too much stress from this past week! I loved this past week because the weather was absolutely perfect every day. *swoon* Before starting the weekend, we gotta play Ask Away Friday!

Ask Away Friday BadgeToday my swap partner is the fab Dana from Kiss My List. We’re kindred hearts in the list department. I love reading Dana’s posts because she is straight forward, funny and interesting! Can’t go wrong. I mean, she’s featured in TWO books so she’s totally legit as a mom, wife, blogger, list maker and project doer (and chocolate eater.)


1. You can only visit one park at WDW. Which one do you visit, and where do you go first?
With my daughter: Magic Kingdom and straight to The Castle! With my husband: EPCOT and straight to World’s Showcase.

mexico2. Before you had your daughter, did you envision yourself as a mother of girls or boys? Has having a daughter been different than what you expected?
I was actually hoping for a boy first so he could take care of his younger sister. As soon as we heard it was a girl I couldn’t have been happier. I thought of all the fun things we can do together and the things I can teach her. Now I’d really like to have a sister for Soph in a few years because I had a sister and that’s what I’m familiar with, so naturally think it’s the best. 😉

japan3. I didn’t start blogging until my kids were 11 and 14, but I often wonder what it would have been like if I had blogged when they were babies and toddlers. Do you find it helpful to read other parent’s blogs, or does it stress you out to see what everyone else is doing?
I will dabble in reading other mom blogs but the ones I enjoy reading don’t have kids Sophie’s age. I like talking to people about their babies but I don’t like to read ‘what your baby should be doing’.

4. In one word answers, tell me the quality that you love about each member of your family (including your dog!) Then name something about each member that irks you. Don’t forget to include yourself.
Sophie: Excitable; Bitey    Jeffrey: Stable; Kainotophobic   Lexi: Loyal; Pushy    Me: Thoughtful; Anxious

family5. I’ve never been to Jimmy John’s, but my son has been bugging me to take him there. What should I order if I want to eat relatively healthy? What should he eat if he couldn’t care less about being healthy?
You gotta take him (if you like cold subs)! You could get any sandwhich on whole wheat or as an unwhich (lettuce wrap.) You could have a #13 Gormet Veggie Club if you like veggies a lot. If your son likes meat, he could get the #11 Country Club and if he’s super hungry tell them to leave the bread in. I always get a #1 ez tomato, ez mayo. Their BBQ chips are delish, everyone raves about their pickles and their chocolate chunk cookie is amazing.

Bergman-wedding-JJ6. What is something about you that doesn’t come through on your blog- something that you want people who have never met you in person to know?
I don’t show a lot of my punny side on the blog. I can be quick witted and notice puns super easy. I also don’t think my big heart shows on the blog. I have big feels for certain people, ideas, places etc. that I get very passionate and defensive about.

race_19937. What material possession do you cherish more than anything else?
My scrapbooks and home movies with no question. The whole area under our bed is crammed full of scrapbooks from when I was little, yearbooks of Jeffrey and I and current photo albums. Even more than scrapbooks, I love watching home movies. My dad transferred all of our home movies onto DVDs and added chapters so it’s easy to find specific events. It’s my favorite thing in the whole world (besides the actual people in the videos.)

last-work-area8. Many stay at home moms joke about living in yoga pants-or maybe they really do. I didn’t own a pair until I joined a gym and wore them to work out. How about you? Are you a yoga pants mama, or do you make it a point to get dressed (in real clothing) every day?
I’ll wear yoga pants 1-2 days of the week. I will admit. This is mostly because I don’t want to spend money on jeans that fit me because I hate being this size. I quite like fashion and it really changes my mood for the whole day if I feel confident in what I’m wearing. My go-to outfit is black skinny jeans, a black v-neck and strappy leather sandals that I can accessorize according to my mood. Also, some yoga pants are SUPER cute with designs and flowers on them! They also cost more than my whole outfit, so I don’t have any.

9. This is random, but your ‘What’s in my Car’ post made me think of it. Can you name all the cars you’ve ever owned? Did you give any of them names?
It’s super easy to name all the cars I’ve personally owned because there was only one under my name. I’ll name all the cars I’ve driven but I didn’t name any of them. My first car was when I was a senior in HS and it was a blue 93′ Ford Escort. I crashed it in a head on collision the next year and was very sad to loose that car. My replacement car was a red 97′ Dodge Stratus that got me through driving back and forth to college a billion times. It started having more and more problems so I’d bought a grey 08′ Mazda 3 Hatchback from a co-worker because it was an amazing deal and was in really great condition. I LOVED that car because I learned how to drive stick on it and, because it was hatchback, could fit unbelievable amounts of stuff in it. When we found out we were pregnant we knew we’d need more room for traveling with Soph and Lexi so we bought our current car, a black 12′ Nissan Mirano, of which I LOVE. Every single thing about this car, I love and highly recommend it to everyone who needs a smallish SUV. what's-in-my-car-square

10. I always end with a ‘Would You Rather,’ and I’m recycling one I’ve asked before because I love it. Would you rather spend an entire day running errands without a bra or without shoes? It’s summertime-so no covering up with a sweater!
Super easy! No shoes! If it were legal for me to go around with no shoes, I would. 1. I’m a hippie that way. 2. I have super wide feet so I only have one pair of shoes for each season which makes it hard to match to clothes. I LOVE the idea of heels and cool shoes to switch up an outfit but I just don’t fit in them!

feetFun swap Dana! I loved thinking about my answers throughout the week (because she got them to me super early!) Does anyone else hate wearing shoes? I know a lot of people that hate NOT wearing shoes and that’s strange to me. Any one else get a #1 at JJ? If not, what do you get? I think I’ll go watch home movies now. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Ask Away Friday with Dana || Kiss My List

  1. This was a very educational post for me, Shelly! I looked up kainotophobic, so now I know a new word, I learned what to order at Jimmy John’s. Thanks! I’d head to World Showcase with my husband too – I’d love to go to the Food and Wine Festival when we are empty nesters. Loved partnering with you this week – have a great weekend!
    Dana recently posted…Of chocolate, Broadway, and brasMy Profile

  2. What a fun swap! We didn’t get to do a lot of exploring at Epcot because we were rushing to get to our Princess Dinner…LOL so I would definitely like to go back and linger a bit more 🙂

    I love that I have 2 girls…having a sister is definitely a special bond – even when they have their fussy moments.

    I’ve never been to Jimmy John’s but the idea of an unwhich has me intrigued!
    Tiffany recently posted…Introducing The Your Channel Or Mine Hop #YCOMHopMy Profile

    1. EPCOT is the best for adults. When we go, we usually spend a full day just in the worlds because there’s so much entertainment, food and interesting people to talk to (everyone who works in the World Showcase is from the country they work in.) How have you girls never been to Jimmy Johns?! This is blowing my mind.

  3. I don’t like the blogs that talk about what my child should be doing either… (1) my child isn’t doing it yet then I feel like I’m doing something wrong or (2) my child has been doing it for a long time, so do I need to read about it? I do check out babycenter, but it’s often less judgmental. It’s too hot, rainy and buggy out here to go without shoes outside! Have a great weekend!
    April recently posted…Isn’t it Ironic? #AAF with Sonya K {Saving Everyday}My Profile

    1. Exactly, April! I also feel bad sometimes when I even talk to other moms and my daughter has been doing something for a while and they’re frustrated about their child not doing it. I need to just not care either way but I do. Babycenter is much better.

  4. Yes! When I did go to Magic Kingdom, it was straight to the castle with my daughter!
    And I have to say that having a daughter and then a son is wicked cool! She so takes care of him, and I do believe he’ll be better for it in the long run.
    However, I originally wanted two girls! Don’t tell him. He’s the BEST. This was before we knew what we were having.
    Tamara recently posted…Scarlet Is In The Hotseat!My Profile

    1. Your kids are awesome and have a great relationship (from what you say and the photos…which I’m sure you’re not making up!) I know I’ll be thankful I have a boy, if I do, but, like you, I kinda want her to have a sister. 😉

  5. I’d definitely choose no shoes compared to no bra! But walking barefoot everywhere creeps me out b/c of germs but also just feeling crumby, crumbs on my feet. Apparently I’m really sensitive to how crumby my floor is so I’d hate to have that feeling all of the time.

    1. Haha! I’ve walked barefoot in the streets on NYC…so you can guess how much I care about germs (and therefore hardly ever get sick!) I do get the crumbs part though…I don’t like feeling crumbs in my kitchen but if it’s outside dirt, I don’t mind. 😉

  6. I am kinda glad that I have been blogging since my youngest was about a year old. I have been able to capture some memories and share them with the world, plus tips too. I don’t get too personal but I just hope that he isn’t too upset that I used his photos on my blog. 😉

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