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It’s FRIDAY! Which can only mean one thing…actually it could me a lot of things, but in this case it means it’s time for…


If you’re not familiar, Ask Away Friday is where bloggers can get to know each other a bit better by asking 10 extremely well thought out questions. 😉 For more information on the questioner, go check out their blog!

I’m stoked to introduce you to today’s blogger: Heather from The Frill of Life! If you want to find out some random facts about Heather and wish her a Happy 1 Year Blogiversary, go to her site.


1. I’m currently reading Harry Potter (for the 1st time), which I know is your fav. We also both love the Twilight series and the Hunger Games series (who doesn’t?). So I have to know, how do you feel the HG movies are living up compared to the books?

Awesome question. I can’t help but get excited anytime I hear HP, Twilight or HG! (Also, I’m SO GLAD you’re reading HP!) I think the movies are AMAZING! I enjoyed the books more, however, they’ve done a super job keeping the movies in line with the books and the graphics just keep getting better! BTW, I’m team Gale even though I know Peeta is a better person. 😉

2. Speaking of great books, did you read Stephenie Meyers’ The Host? If so, what did you think?

I did not read The Host. 🙁 womp womp. I own it, in hard cover, and have picked it up to read no less than 5 times. I can’t ever get past the first chapter! I don’t know what’s wrong with me…should I read it? I wanted to see the movie too but couldn’t without reading the book first. 

3. We’re big Jimmy Fallon fans at our house. How do you think he’s doing with The Tonight Show, and what’s your favorite new thing he brought with him?

In LOVE with his new show! So glad he got the spot! My favorite new thing would just have to be his new games. He hadn’t had any new celebrity games in a while so I’m glad to see a few new ones. My old favorites are Thank You Notes and Lip Sync Contest. 

4. I have a niece named Sophia. I love that name. But for some reason we always call her something other than Sophia. Does your daughter have a ton of nicknames? What are they?

I’m glad you love that name! I NEVER call her Sophia and I knew I wouldn’t from the start. Her Daddy is the only person that calls her by her full name. I call her Soph mostly but I also call her Soph-a-loaf, Sister-girlfriend, Shnuks, Cheeks, Bird, Bean…really I could go on…I call her pretty much everything but her name!? 

5. I must have read at least 3 posts on your blog about organizing. You seem to really have it together there. Is there anything that isn’t organized? (Bonus points for a *real* picture)

Oh goodness!! HAHA! This made me laugh. Thank you for assuming I’ve got it together around here! To some degree, I do, but to my standards only about 25% of the house is organized! I could show you tons of pictures but I’ll just do this snippet so you get a feel of my craziness. I love showing the good with the bad on my blog so I’m not afraid to dish this dirt. unorganized

6. I’m so jealous of your green thumb. Mine is black. So black. Which is unfortunate because our new home could really use some curb appeal! So what’s going into your garden this year?

I have a green thumb with VERY easy plants. I’ve killed at least as many as I’ve grown! We’ve spent a LOT of money on ‘learning’ how to garden. It’s really all about trial and error because it’s so hard to tell if a plant is for sure going to work in a space. This is the first year that I’m doing an actual food garden! I’ll be posting on it once it’s not 30 degrees outside. 😉 I’ll be planting tomatoes, green beans, onions, garlic, basil, strawberries and peppers. Who knows what new flowers I’ll be planting…I decide that by going to the nursery and looking at the tag. 

7. You’re a fairly new blogger, what’s been the most surprising thing about blogging?

There are a lot of surprising things that I’ve learned so far!! The MOST surprising thing has been the amount of time that goes into, not only writing posts, (at least 2 hours) but learning how to do simple HTML code, photo editing programs and keeping organized. I’ve taken a few courses and have a pretty good tech background so it’s going pretty well so far! It’s also SUPER helpful to have such a sweet and helpful blogging community that I can bother for info! 

8. Do you have any tips for anyone thinking about starting a blog?

Take a photography class or teach yourself. That’s what I’m working on next! We’re in a visual world. With Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram we expect beautiful pictures or we won’t click. We were given a very nice camera for our wedding and I have been taught by my photographer father as well as taken a college course but I STILL can’t get the pictures exactly how I see them in my head.

9. You’re a crafty gal (me, too!). What’s your most favorite crafting material, and your favorite crafting tool?

I wish we lived closer so we could have crafting days!! My favorite crafting material would have to be GLITTER! I know, most people hate it, but I just can’t get enough sparkle. My favorite crafting tool would have to be my Cricut. I only say that because it’s the project I’m working on learning more about right now! Last week it would have been my sewing machine because I’m making my first quilt. I tend to change crafts daily. 

10. Quick! What’s under your bed right now? Probably nothing since you’re so organized, but I had to ask…I ask everyone. By the way, bonus points again for a *real* picture!

It is not empty! It’s full of scrapbooks and my easel! Not too messy just very full! It’s a modern bed so it’s super low to the ground (about 4 inches) so the picture would literally be a scrapbook. 😉 

Bonus Question!!! Totally optional, but again, I give this to everyone. Answer ONE question that you asked me. I’m sure that you have a list for miles on proud moments of Bryson Sophie, but what is your proudest moment of your husband? I’m proud of Jeffrey on a daily basis. It’s hard for me not to brag about him to people because he’s just awesome. 🙂 The thing I’m most proud of him for is how well he’s transitioning into being a Dad. I never doubted him because I’ve seen how he is with our niece but it puts a smile on my face just to think of how sweet he is with our Soph. He wants to hug her and talk to her as soon as he gets in the door from work. He does the 5a feedings, the 9p feeding, plays with her, reads to her and puts her to bed every day. Geez…do I do anything with her… 😉 K end brag. <3

That was fun! I love questionaires and Heather did a great job with her questions! I’m going to have to step up my game. Anyone else think that I have a completely organized home? (That one threw me off.) Who else is Team Gale?


6 thoughts on “#Ask Away Friday with Heather|Frill of Life

    1. Thanks Ginny!! I’ve read all 3 and, like you, should no longer be team Gale…I just feel he’s the best fit for Katniss…Peeta’s just too good!! Like Haymitch said ‘you could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him.’ 😉 The second movie, in my opinion, was better than the first! We went to the premier and had it pre-ordered for when it came out! 😉

  1. I always love the books more than the movies, but HG is the best I’ve ever seen a book translated into a movie. My hubby hates seeing books-made-into-movies with me because I ALWAYS compare the two, so he was impressed that I had only ONE discrepancy to mention walking out of Hunger Games. And that wasn’t even a huge deal. I was prepared for an epic fail ****SPOILER ALERT**** in Catching Fire during Katniss’ pre-game interview with Caesar. But I was pleasantly surprised! ***END SPOILER ALERT****

    You should definitely read The Host. I’ve read it two or three times. Great book. Movie…not so impressive. Maybe without having read the book it would have been better, but the acting was not great, so probably not.

    The blogging community is my favorite thing about blogging. So not anything like its stereotype of Yoga-obsessed, toddler toting, super Pinterest-worthy SAHM yuppies. Don’t get me wrong, there are some that love yoga, have young children (ahem) and are super pinterest-worthy crafters. But not usually do you find all these rolled into one. And I have yet to meet one that is also a “yuppie.”

    I totally agree, I wish we lived closer so we could have crafting days! But, who says we can’t have a virtual craft day? I’ll e-mail you!

    I almost said something similar to the hubby question. Raising a child that is not your own can’t be easy but my hubbs sure does make it look enjoyable. I’m so proud of the Dad that he is and didn’t have to be. I’m so proud of him taking on not only me (which is hard enough) but also my fatherless kiddo. Hooray for awesome husbands-turned-dads!!!!

    Thanks for linking up with me! We’ll have to do a part 2 soon…I have more questions!!!!
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    1. I agree completely, Heather, the books are always better but HG has done an AWESOME job at keeping it close! I’ll attempt the Host again, I’m sure, because I hate having books on my shelf that I’ve not read! I’m excited to get your craft-day email!!! Awe. That made me smile about your husband. 🙂 Good guy you got there! I loved the link-up!!! Thank you and Happy Friday!! <3

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