August Goals

Happy August to you all! As you know, I’ve announced our Super Secret Surprise of moving to Indiana. This past month has been all over the board and I’ve learned a lot about patience and trying to not be so anxious without a routine. We started the month with a vacation of camping in my parent’s yard, filled in the middle with buying/selling houses and finished up the month with temporarily living with my sister in Indiana. We’ve had a lot of fun august

Before jumping into July’s goals, let’s see how I did for August. Although I still haven’t completed Soph’s friends/family board book, I did have two dates with Jeffrey and took Soph to the water park four times! I failed miserably with my written life goals. Reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower for Page Turners got pushed aside since I’ve read it in the past. Not only did I not do three arm workouts per week, I also stopped running. My workout regime is laughable. Completing this move with minimal headaches is negotiable. There have definitely been tears and tension headaches but I’ve been proud of how we’ve handled the move in general.


Surprisingly I’ve done well on my blog goals this past July. I completed my first Pin70 but haven’t seen any improvement in my traffic regarding my Pinterest account or blog. I’ve not worked on finishing the re-design but am ok with not making that a priority. Posting once/week has been fairly easy and I’ve surpassed that goal. I was also able to go to a Social Fabric University On the Road conference in Chicago where I learned a ton.


August Goals:


  • Have a date night with Jeffrey
  • Take Sophie to another Indy attraction
  • Complete Sophie’s room


  • Unpack
  • Switch over all accounts (Dr, credit cards, mail etc.)
  • Paint two rooms


  • Be accepted for a shopportunity
  • Read The Princess Bride
  • Post at least once/week (it will be a stretch)

I feel like this month’s goals are so simple yet will be so tough to accomplish! Knowing how tough it was to pack while Sophie was home during the days helps me realize how long unpacking, cleaning and painting will take. What are your goals for this month?

12 thoughts on “August Goals

    1. REA! So good to see you hear again! I love keeping up with you on Insta but have been too busy to be following on blogs lately. You’re the one who inspired me to put our home up on Design Mom, so THANK YOU for your suggestion!! <3 It was fun seeing our home up on another site!

  1. YOU CAN DO IT! Those are all attainable!! When I am having trouble keeping up with a blogging schedule I will set a theme. A theme helps spark creativity! With 5 weeks in July, I needed a little inspiration. I dubbed it peach month with the plan to post a new recipe each week. I got a good response to it. Maybe you can do a moving related theme, with tips each week. Or have you considered reviews of Indy attractions?

    As far as getting a shop, if you don’t get assigned a mentor this month (we get our list of who we mentor this week), I’d be happy to go over some shop applications with you.
    Diana Rambles recently posted…Minion Tie Dye Shirt TutorialMy Profile

    1. You’re too sweet. What an awesome idea to have a theme for the month! Seriously! How did I never think about that!!!? *smacks forehead* I will be doing a Moving Tips post but I’m not sure I can do a series and make it interesting enough. Indy attractions would be great and an excuse to ‘have’ to visit more places. 😉
      I’m so bummed we didn’t get linked up for mentoring! I still want you to help me if you have time (because I know you’ll be super busy) because you have awesome ideas! AH! Just saw Minion Tie Dye! Headed over!

    1. HAHAHA! I’m not sure what I’m organized on….but YES I will come and help you…for $ 😉 I have a business card and everything…so legit!

    1. Thanks Jocelyn! I do a better job or prioritizing when I write it down at the beginning of the month and when I’m stuck on what I should be doing, just check this and decide where to go from there! 🙂

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