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Hello artists! Today I had an awesome afternoon of being outside, creating and sitting by the pool. It was just a baby pool and I mostly watched my daughter finger paint eat finger paint, but it was still really awesome. My friend, Kristy, (and next door neighbor) had her baby a few days after I had Soph and they’ve been doing awesome at playing together lately. Kristy saw edible finger paints for kids on Pinterest, naturally, we were curious if the girls would be interested in baby finger paint.

Baby Finger PaintAll in all the painting project was a success. No crying or staining!

Baby Finger PaintTo make the paint, dollop greek yogurt into a muffin tin and add a pinch of Kool-Aid powder. Stir to get the desired color.

Baby Finger PaintBaby Finger PaintThe girls both liked dipping their fingers in the paint and we would rub them on the paper to get them used to the feeling. It was an exercise of getting the girls to have the feeling of the paint on their fingers and seeing it transfer onto the paper rather than watching them paint by themselves (because they’re too young).


Andy (Sophie’s friend) wasn’t too into the painting because she really wanted to swim. All the while, Sophie was shoving her face with beautiful yogurt and trying to get hugs.

Baby Finger PaintSoph wanted to join Andy in the pool which we loved because it was an easy and fun clean up method! The yogurt came off easily and there was no staining on their skin.

Baby Finger PaintSoph was really digging the yogurt and was eying it from the pool so I let her out to have more. She ate it ALL. By the end she had every color all over her body. She was the prettiest pallet I’ve ever seen. 🙂 When was the earliest you tried finger painting with your kids? Was it a success? Anyone else use pools as a easy clean method? Fail proof.

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    1. I like to introduce Soph to different textures. My husband doesn’t like stickers on his skin or his hands to be dirty for too long so I’m hoping by keeping her dirty, she’ll not mind it. 😉 haha

  1. Sadly, we didn’t have Pinterest when my lil man as a baby. Which is too bad because those paints look like so much fun! Cleaning up in the kiddie pool is genius 🙂
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    1. Pinterest is a blessing and a curse! I guess it depends how much influence you let it have on you. 😉 It was really fun and I’m excited to do it again when she’s a bit older!

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