Black and White Christmas Decorations

I never decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving has been celebrated. I’m not going to lie, it gets harder every year. I start hearing Christmas music November 1st and want to pour myself some hot cocoa, put on my slippers and watch Christmas movies. Christmas is my favorite holiday but the message of gratitude during Thanksgiving can not be passed up.

That said, I can still dream and plan about what fun events and decorating that is just around the corner! It’s a little disgusting how many totes of Christmas decor I own. I’ve vowed to not purchase one Christmas decoration this year despite Target’s amazing colorful line. Although I can not purchase any decorations, I can make decorations with the craft supplies I have on hand. I rounded up these black and white Christmas decorations as inspiration for my Christmas crafting session. I’m really drawn to the black and white minimalistic Scandinavian style.

Black and White Christmas Decorations


Scandi Christmas Table Set by Rachael


Wood Christmas Tree Set by CapreeK


Wood Ball Garland by Mª JOSÉ


Himmeli Tree Star by Tim and Mary


Black and White Ombre Tree by Angie


Evergreen Place Cards by Teri


Tiny Tree by Juliana


Free Christmas Tags by Sarah


Faux Brass Hemmeli Wreath by Rayan


DIY Wrapping Paper by Chiara


Painted Plywood Houses by Lidy


Printable Advent Calendar by Hey Look


Boxwood with Bow by Rita

Swoon. What are your thoughts on Thanksgiving being pushed aside each year here in America? Black Friday shopping yay or nay? (I’m way nay in case you were wondering). Do you have a favorite decoration you love putting out each year? I have several but my most recent favorite is a white and blue glitter nutcracker that Jeffrey and I bought at the Nutcracker Ballet three years ago. I’m excited and a bit stressed about finding all new places for my Christmas decor since we’re in a new house this year. What am I going to do without a mantle?!

Black and White Modern Christmas Decorations

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  1. Hello Shelly, Christmas is coming soon. I want to decorate my home with latest tips and also want my home looks beaitiful on this day. Thanks for sharing such a creative post.

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