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BlogIf you’ve ever gotten burnt out from blogging, this is a great quote to remember. Your life, your family, your happiness is what’s important in life. I’ve been struggling with Blogger Burnout and have recently realized I need to put my priorities in to perspective. I’d read an article by the NY Times regarding YHL’s burnout and break from their blog and loved the quote ‘Do I want to pour my energy into the lives of complete strangers or the people under my own roof?’ When blogging stresses you out, and is no longer a creative outlet, it’s not worth it (especially if you’re not monetized). I am definitely going to continue to improve my blogging skills, learn more about analytics and social media but I will not be posting 5-6 times/week. Behind the scenes, each DIY post takes me 2-6+ hours in total which must be rushed during naps and daylight hours (for photography reasons.) I’m re-energized and inspired to create and write while still having the ability to created off-line and not feel pressured to live for my blog. From now on, I’ll be blogging my life. Life’s too short to not be passionate about what you do.

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  1. That’s the approach I’ve been taking, too, and it’s so refreshing! It really makes blogging easy and fun, not a chore. I’m sure I could come up with better “pinnable” posts, etc., but you’re right — it’s a huge amount of work! Right now what’s on my mind is trying to sell our house, so that’s what I’m blogging about. Happy Tuesday!
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  2. Kudos to you Shelly! This post is so refreshing. It seems as if there is an increasing amount of pressure for bloggers in terms of their content and frequency of posts. Trying to be an original blog in the days of Pinterest and Instagram can be inspiring, challenging, and frustrating all in the same breath. The struggle is real! Many times I have compared myself to the big time bloggers, wondering why my blog isn’t the next Design Sponge. Through it all I’ve realized I’m not them, and am learning to embrace who I am as a blogger. I’m one person, not a team. Blogging is not my paying job, it’s something I do as a creative outlet for fun. So I totally understand where you are coming from – you have to do you and then let the posts fall into place. Good for you for keeping it real, and I look forward to your future posts 🙂
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    1. Thank you so much Nat! It IS hard to not compare myself to D*S or ABM who have a team of people doing their DIY projects as well! I’m thankful that I’m realizing this before I get too frustrated with blogging. Right now I’m in a good place with it and still excited about sharing my life with the internets! 😉 You keep doing what your doin too girl!

  3. Very inspirational Shelly! Recently, I’ve been spreading myself a bit, with expanding my business and wanting to devote more time to blogging/working mamas advice that I feel wouldn’t be the best fit for OBM so I’ve launched a second blog. I’m slowly starting to make the transition and realized I may have to post a bit less frequently on OBM to avoid getting burnt out.
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