Cheers to New Beginnings

Cheers to New Beginnings Inspirational Quote

Cheers to New Beginnings

Start somewhere. The first of a new year, although just a date in a calendar, is a great reminder that life has beginnings and endings throughout. I’m learning to end things that are toxic to my happiness. I encourage you to think about the various areas of your life that make you happiest as well as give you that pit in your stomach. Don’t push aside those bad feelings, but instead, face them and figure out why they’re controlling your emotions in a negative way. It might be a specific person that you’ve realized makes you feel obligated to continue their friendship or a house chore that is draining you and can easily be swapped with your partner’s chore. I noticed myself getting really burnt out on cooking and cleaning the kitchen, to the point we were ordering out because I didn’t want to clean the mess. I simply asked my husband to take turns cleaning the kitchen with me and we’ve eaten at home much more. That’s obviously a very simple issue to solve but yours might be too. Put your glass up and cheers to new beginnings in 2016. Your happiness is solely dependent on you.

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  1. YES!! Happiness is solely dependent on ME! My life has gone through a lot of changes in the last month or so and I am now taking on my own Happiness Project for 2016. It will help me to have a happier, more fulfilling, and productive year. Not to say that 2015 wasn’t those, but my reaction to things in 2016 will be different!!
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