Comfort Zone

Great things never came from comfort zones.I like comfort zones. I’ve always been fond of comfort zones. I’m now realizing that I’m always happiest when I step out of my comfort zone. My favorite decisions in life only happened because I was brave enough to try. Maybe for you, talking to people is difficult. Perhaps taking a trip alone sounds like an anxiety attack waiting to happen. It may be as small as taking your baby with you to the grocery. When I had just had Sophie, simple tasks were a huge chore. I had to tell myself to ‘just do it‘ and I was much happier once I did. Things always got easier. If you stay in your comfort zone, you’ll never grow.

3 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

    1. You ARE breaking out of your comfort zone! 🙂 It’s nice to do things you’re afraid of. Even if they don’t go perfectly, you’ll still have learned a lot and gained some pride and confidence for even trying.

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