I want to be 100% clear on what I will and won’t do with advertising:

I will not: sell editorial space so please be assured that anything I’ve written is simply my own thoughts or opinions. I never accept sponsored posts or product reviews that ask me to use marketing copy, I only accept offers that allow me to be creative and honest in my writing.

I will not: allow pop up ads. I never look at them on other’s blogs because they annoy me.

I will: Only offer genuine reviews for companies that I think fit well with my values and can offer something of substance to my readers (See: Halloween Candy Cookie Pizza) These reviews/giveaways are clearly marked as such. I turn down many more review offers than I accept in an effort to only offer high quality, honest reviews here at DIY Mama.

I will: be transparent about when I use an affiliate/referral link to endorse a product that I love. That means that sometimes when you click on a link and purchase a product I recommend, I might get some credit or make  few cents. And then I might take those few cents and buy a Starbucks (soy, hazelnut white mocha, no whip, kids temp in case you were wondering). If an affiliate link is used it is because I’m recommending a product that I genuinely like, use and want to share (for example, a book I am reading or really great baby product).

That being said, thank you for reading my blog! Here are the current ad companies/affiliates that I am using. I do my best to approve all ads prior them running on my site – please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns! And again, thank you for blessing my family by reading.

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This policy is valid for diymamablog.com from Friday, February 27 2015 and may be changed at any time, without notice.  This policy is not retroactive and posts written up to February 2015 do not necessarily adhere to these policies.  Changes and/or additions may be made to this policy without being noted in the text.

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