December Goals

It’s the last month of the year 2015 and I’ve had a wonderful year. I love doing these monthly goals because it’s sort of like a time capsule for how my year went. Not surprisingly, November shot by and left me spinning. I’m sure December will be no different. I’m trying to not plan a ton for the calendar because I know that I’ll hear or read about an event and have to go last minute. I’m currently torn between three places to take Sophie after school!


Before we look at how I did in November, I want to look back at my New Years Inspirational Word for 2015: Learn. I did a poor job at learning the specific things I mentioned in January’s post but I kept ‘Learn’ close to my heart though out the year and truly learned a lot. I learned about blogging, monetizing, montessori (not having Sophie at home with me), moving to a new state, taking a Disney trip with a toddler, organizing and much more. I have a month to decide my word for 2016 but I’m leaning towards ‘Embrace’, meaning ‘Embrace life’. I’m in an uneasy spot that I’ve been in before, not knowing what to do with my life. Do I pursue this blog, try writing for another publication, focus on marketing my organizing business, get a desk job…? It makes me a little exhausted thinking about it all. When I get anxious with too many choices, I tend to shut down and be unmotivated for work or play. That’s how my past month has gone, not fully committed to any one of those ventures but trying them all which results in being pulled too many directions. Time for some soul searching.


I did fairly well on my November goals. We’ve gotten Sophie’s bedtime routine down better. She had been so sleepy/crabby in the mornings before school that we knew she needed a better routine at night. We now do bath every other night and bedtime got moved up a half hour to 8p. She started swim lessons and is loving it. I love watching Jeffrey be able to do the lessons with her since I am usually the one to do these kind of activities with her. I did not join a mom’s group, as planned, but I have applied to be a member of theCityMoms and will start writing for IndysChild next month!


The personal organizing session I had scheduled fell through due to illness on my client’s behalf. I’m disappointed but learned a few things on how to handle my next client. I did not read 4 nights/week but did read much more than before. We decided to not build the shed because it was too big of a project before the ground froze. We replaced that project with a garage organizing job so we could still fit my car in the garage this winter. My blog goals were (as always) my lowest priority. I posted 3 times/week up until this past week and used hashtags more efficiently on Instagram but I have nothing on my content calendar (which was supposed to be scheduled a month out.) I feel like I’m being a slacker by making my goals more simple for certain months but I also realize that they need to be attainable goals. December is full of holiday dinners, Christmas light hunting, Christmas movies, family gatherings, playing in the snow and Christmas crafts. I want to take the month off from heavy goals and focus on the holiday season and my family.



December Goals


  • Practice patience with Sophie’s ‘nos’ and ‘baby cries’
  • Insist on a slower ‘house projects’ speed
  • Continue family time at night with no TV until the weekend


  • Meet people in the community
  • Partake in a few Christmas events
  • Continue PT for my shoulder and workouts 3x/week


  • Complete sponsored post
  • Hit my Pinterest goal (at least 550 pins/week)
  • Stop comparing

This post was a bit heavier than my usual monthly goal posts. I wanted to be honest in what’s going on in my life and why my goals aren’t being reached. Hopefully at the end of December I can look back and be proud of the goals I accomplished and excited for the new year ahead. What does your December look like? Any specific tradition you’re looking forward to most?

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  1. I love your goals. I love that you are so self aware you know when to take the time to step back and slow down, enjoy the little things. I wish I were as calm and focused with my daily life and my intentions. I totally understand the pull in different directions. It’s so hard to stay on the path of the unknown, and it gets lonely and frustrating. I would say I’m so proud of you but that sounds condescending, and doesn’t convey how much I truly am inspired by how in the moment you live your life and find so many simple things to celebrate. You are one of a kind and I hope you have a joyful holiday month and “embrace” the new year and all it holds for you.
    ps even unicorns need a vacation from sparkling
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