Hello friends! Welcome and thank you for stopping by! I have wanted to take photos of my home forever but always had an excuse (too messy, too busy, not a good enough photographer etc).

I will always have these excuses but wanted this moment in my life documented exactly as it is.
Mid projects and mid life. I didn’t buy beautiful flowers or fruit to stage my home. I didn’t even dust (shh.) I picked up a bit and will later show you the ‘5 minutes before the shoot photos’ but other than that, this is what our home looks like. Lived in.

This will be a photo heavy post. Would you like a coffee? We also have martinis. Perhaps I could concoct a mocha martini of sorts? Since you are my friend, and not a solicitor or boy scout, I’ll bring you in through the garage which leads into our laundry room.

House_laundry_entryHouse_laundry_shelfHouse_laundry_sinkHouse_laundryHouse_laundry_coatsHouse_Entry  great_room_gallery gallery_rightgreat_room_booksgreat_room_mantleHouse_fam_gallery_birdsgreat_room_tvHouse_kitchenHouse_kitchen_windowHouse_kitchen_tableHouse_kitchen_nesspressoHouse_kitchen_command

House_office_desks House_office_desk

House_Soph_Entry House_Soph_Reading_Nook dresser1House_Soph_toysHouse_Soph_door

House_master_entry (1 of 1) House_master_dresser  House_master_bath_sinks House_master_bath_tubhouse_master_bathroomHouse_master_lexi

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you want to know where I got products or how we DIY’d projects. I’d be happy to share!

4 thoughts on “House Tour

    1. Thank you Anna! We did make it. We had a lower headboard that was hard to lean against so we attached plywood with 2x4s to the existing headboard and upholstered the whole thing. You can’t tell it’s home made unless you look from the back and it’s way more comfortable for reading in bed!

  1. I love your term “hand made modern.” I never put it that way, but I think that must be my preferred style too. Your busy board is awesome. Did you do a tutorial for that? I’d love to see it if so. We considered making one, but ended up just getting too “busy” with other things.

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