Don’t Look Back

Don't look backDon’t look back. That’s not the way you’re going. This might seem repetitive to my last Tuesday Truth but it’s definitely a reoccurring mantra that I must remind myself. Not only is my family moving jobs, we’re moving homes and states! Whenever I find myself getting sad and nostalgic for our current home/town/friends, I have to remember that I’m lucky to have had these memories and there are more amazing memories to be made. It may take a while for me to adjust to our new home but I know it’s the best choice for our family and as soon as I can remember to look forward, I’ll be extremely thankful we moved to Indy.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back

  1. I hear ya. When we moved to DC a few years ago, I always missed my friends, food, and knowing everything about my town (Philly). Now, I’ve made closer friends (I think) and am getting to know the city better. Just takes time, like you said, good luck!

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