Early Days

Do you ever look back on a time in your life and say ‘I wish I had more photos!’ I wish that regarding my pregnancy belly days. I have very few photos of just me featuring the bean in my belly. Here’s the best I can do to update you on my growing belly.

This photo is the first photo I have and it’s from when I was 3mo pregnant next to our newly planted tree.

Baby Bump 1

    Here I am quite a bit later into the summer when we went to the drive-in. I live in the Midwest so that explains the vast fields surrounding the drive-in. (We saw Superman if you were curious and yes, it was super uncomfortable!)


We went to Babies R Us for who knows what? Most likely we didn’t even get anything baby related but a set of Legos for ourselves. This was the first time I’d ever used the expecting moms parking which was completely unnecessary but the parking lot was pretty empty.


This is a shot from my last day of work. I was surprised with flowers from my husband as well as a going away party/baby shower from my office mates.


This is when I was trying to fit in and look like a Friday’s employee. Not really, it just was really strange when I walked in and looked like the hostess.


We went to the orchard the day I was due to walk around to help the process. It was not successful but I kept going on outings for the next two weeks! Everyone was nervous when they’d find out I was due two weeks ago.


Thankfully we did get maternity photos. I wanted them super casual out by our house. We got tons taken by Erin but these were my favorites. I highly recommend getting pictures of pets as well as your home during this shoot.

shelly (46)1

shelly (81)1

I have a pretty terrible memory so pictures and video help me keep track of the fun trips as well as the mundane in my life. Is there a time frame from your life you wish you had more photos?

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