Enjoy The Little Things

Enjoy the Little Things

Enjoy the little things. Summer is the perfect time to slow down and really appreciate what’s around you. My world has been in limbo for a while and I’m without schedule. I crave routine but I’m kind of enjoying taking it slow and discovering fun things around my new home in Indiana. We’ve spent our days reading at the library, exploring new parks and playing with our family. We’ve also been lucky enough to visit the zoo and attend a baseball game, but my favorite parts are always the little things at the big events. I loved the sun on my cheeks at the baseball game and Sophie’s joy of meeting new friends. My favorite part of the zoo was Sophie making the noises of the animals that we spend so much time reading about. What little things have you been noticing in your life lately?

2 thoughts on “Enjoy The Little Things

  1. Definitely the little moments in life are all worth it and to be treasured. I love the sly look and smile that O gives me, or when I catch a glimpse of J from the side and boy, he’s a BOY now. Crazy awesome times.

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