Fables Across Time: Kalila and Dimna

My favorite exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is called Fables Across Time: Kalila and Dimna. I am grateful to be sharing first hand knowledge of the exhibit as I had the chance to interview the curator of this wonderful display – Sabiha Al KhemirFables Across Time

Fables Across Time

Fables Across Time

Sabiha partnered with the Children’s Museum to create an exhibit that would illustrate the importance of storytelling across the globe and time. The focus of the piece demonstrates how ‘fables mirror our morals, our cultures, ourselves…’ It is astounding to me how these fables from 700 years ago are still being adapted and re-told all around the world.

Fables Across Time: Kalila and Dimna is an interactive exhibit of Kalila and Dimna (570 CE), that brings the characters, their relationships and lessons to life. The display showcases storytelling in the form of digital media, illustration, hands-on games and theater. It’s the perfect exhibit for toddlers up through grandparents to have the chance to talk about stories they’ve been told.

Check Indy’s Child Parenting Magazine for more of my visit to this wonderful exhibit.


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