Fall Nail Ideas

Hello lady! Although my nails are bright pink with glitter, I usually try to keep my nail color matching the season. I’ve been searching for some fun new fall nail ideas and have round up a few of my favorites. Since I change my nails every week, there won’t be a problem fitting in tons of new fall nail ideas! Which one’s your favorite?

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  1. I love the simple idea of doing a fall color (plum, maroon, nude, chocolate) and pairing it with a gold glitter party nail.
  2. Jewel tones look great on every skin color and shout fall!
  3. Grey on white with a little flaire goes great with all comfy fall outfits.
  4. You can’t go wrong with glitter but sometimes it’s too fun and colorful. Pair it with a nude polish and it’s win win!
  5. This rose gold polish is stunning. You could dress it up for an evening out or wear it with a chunky sweater to ring in the fall weather.
  6. I’ve done this mint & glitter look a few times and I always get compliments. It is a playful girly look that will keep you smiling.
  7. Because I don’t have a steady enough hand, I had the salon do these tribal nails and I felt pretty amazing that entire week.

Do you switch up your nail color for the season? What about for concerts, movie premiers or vacations? Every event is an excuse to have fun nails! Do you have metallic polish? How well does it apply and did it chip easier than normal polish? Have any tricks to get glitter off easier? I’m pretty sure glitter polish could bond any two surfaces together for life!

For more nail art ideas, check out my board on Pinterest.

4 thoughts on “Fall Nail Ideas

    1. I’m glad I reminded you! I hate when I want a specific color and don’t have it….although…I’d have to have way more polishes if that were to never happen again. 😉

  1. I love the dedication that people have to nail art. It’s beautiful but I certainly don’t have the patience! Of the ones above, I love the jewel tones, glitter accent nail & grey with white embellishments. I’ve read All Lacquered Up blog for a while now. If there’s a tip for removing glitter polish, she’d have it.

    1. I’m almost positive I have less patience than you Lisa! I do my nails and color to help calm me and be ‘zen’ to learn patience! It would be twice as hard with an extra kiddo though!! I’m going to check out that site now! Thank you!! <3

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