Friday Night Mom Win

Friday Night Mom Win- This post has been sponsored by Red Baron®. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My day began at the sound of my alarm. It’s set a half hour earlier than necessary thanks to my recent motivator, ‘The 5 Second Rule‘, which has been a great boost to me since I started. I had time to read a book, listening to nothing but the birds chirping in the trees. Those 30 minutes were the only peaceful minutes that I had until my head hit the pillow that evening.

Red Barron-Mom Win

As Moms, we wear many different hats (but usually the same ‘uniform’ several days in a row). For instance, there are many ways that I earn money: freelance writer (for multiple publications), YMCA Play & Learn friend, and as a local influencer. The job I choose to work hardest at is the one that pays in smiles and hugs. Motherhood is also the job that keeps me up at night and has taught me the invaluable lesson of patience.

Kids Are Fun

Earlier this week, I asked my three year old who she wanted to invite to her Birthday Party. Thinking that she would name every child she knows and I would have to explain that we need to narrow it down to her favorites, she completely surprised me. She insisted that ‘everyone with a red car should come.’ She proceeded to point out every person she saw in a red car all week and asked to add them to the list. I’m going with it until only a handful of her best friends shows up to the party. I’ll then explain that the other red cars were busy and couldn’t make it.

‘I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure – which is: Try to please everybody.’ -Herbert Bayard Swope 

Pizza's Ready

Red Barron Mom Win

Red Barron Mom win

One Thing the Entire Family Can Agree On

I have a small family but I’ve learned that I can not please all of us all the time, (or even half of the time). In our family, the one thing we can always agree on is Pizza Night. As I’ve preached many times, Kroger’s Click-List and meal planning for the week is the best way to keep our spending down and healthy habits up. Adding ‘pizza night’ a few Friday’s per month gives our whole family something to look forward to.

For me, a ‘Mom-win’ is to have my picky 3 year old eat all of her dinner, play outside, take a bath and be in bed for stories at 7:30. By Friday we’re all pretty exhausted and pizza with a salad is the perfect break that leaves me more time to spend time with my family. I love being able to toss our favorite Red Baron® Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza in the oven while Sophie and I color with chalk on the driveway, waiting for Daddy to come home. That wonderful pizza smell welcomes us all into the house for an evening of fun.

Red Barron Friday Night

Red Barron-Mom win

Pizza Night

“Pizza is a secret weapon the whole family can agree on and has the power to bring peace, especially at meal time. The Baroness is the embodiment of support moms need during these moments of chaos at mealtime and beyond.”- Red Baron®

Add Pizza Friday to your meal plan. Next time you’re at Kroger, pick up your family’s favorite Red Baron pizza.  Become your own #wingmama by joining the Red Baroness campaign, created for moms by moms. The Baroness is a mom who may not always do things by the book, but she does get the job done to ensure her family is well taken care of. She’s a mom in the real world, and is proud to be perfectly imperfect.

Typically, moms don’t get rewarded for the wins. We [Red Baron®] liked that the patches can be a fun way to celebrate other moms from the sincerest, to the most ridiculous parenting moments. Do you have a parenting “war story” you’d like to tell?  You can earn your very own Mom Badge on Twitter when you share your story!   Be sure to use #wingmama and tag @Baroness when you share!!

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Friday Night Mom Win

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