Get Out of Your Own Way

There is no one holding you back but yourself when it comes to your health goals. I can throw out excuses with the best of them as to why I don’t look or feel how I want, but I know it is a direct result of my own actions. I’m keeping this quote ‘get out of your own way’ in mind as I work towards the healthy person I want to be. Today I signed up for our second 5k (in May) and am motivated to do my first half marathon in Disney World in 2018. I want a healthier body for a lot of reasons. Top 3: 1.) More energy. 2.) A healthy vessel for our second child. 3.) To feel confident and beautiful in the clothes that are my style. I’m currently limited because of my size. My goal is to be able to shop at any store and find stylish pieces that make me feel empowered. I’ve printed out a training plan from the RunDisney site and am excited to begin this new journey of healthy living.
Get out of your own way

Get Out of Your Own Way


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