Gourmet Campfire S’mores

Gourmet Campfire S’mores- Summer is coming to an end so we’ve been trying to squeeze in a few last camping trips. Back yard camping is one of our favorites. We’d had this trip planned for a year and it turned out so different, yet exactly how I would have wanted. Growing up, my parents took my sister and I camping often, and I wanted to share that experience with Sophie. Staying at Camp Robertson allowed for us to play outside all day, have camp fires, go on walks, pick flowers and blow bubbles all day long while having the convenience of AC for sleeping. To make things a bit easier, we divided the meal prep ahead of time so everyone had a chance to help out. I gladly volunteered for dessert and chose to make gourmet campfire s’mores!

Gourmet Campfire S'mores

Gourmet Campfire S'mores

There is no camping without s’mores. There’s also no reason to have the traditional chocolate + mallow + graham when there are so many wonderful choices out there!

Gourmet Campfire S'moresSome of my favorite toppings are:

  • Hershey’s Cookies n’ Cream
  • Reese’s Bar
  • Butterfinger Bar
  • Nutella
  • Peanut Butter
  • Crunch Bar
  • Carmelo Bar
  • Toasted Coconut

Gourmet Campfire S'mores

Gourmet Campfire S'mores

Prep is key in making the perfect s’mores. Getting the graham prepared with the toppings ahead of time makes the transition from campfire to s’more much smoother. Quick tip: I like my chocolate a little melted, which is easy to accomplish in the summer months, otherwise, I balance my chocolate on my roasting stick over the fire for a few seconds.

Gourmet Campfire S'mores

It’s true, I may go a bit overboard when it comes to s’mores, but they only come around once per year, so I’ve got to make them special. What are your favorite s’mores toppings? Did you go camping growing up or are you taking your children on any trips this summer?

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Tasty gormet s'mores recipe perfect for camping with kids.


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    1. Oh they’ll love it! I have tried IT ALL. We used to get every candy bar imaginable for our camping trips. I really like the Reese’s bar, the Cookies N’ Cream, and the Ghirardelli milk chocolate with carmel in the middle.

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