I’ve been very happy lately. I was so fearful of being lost and lonely at our new home before we moved here. During the transition between homes and even the first few nights, I was terrified of what was to come and whether we’d made the right choice in buying this new house. Buyers remorse hit hard when I went to our new house to clean before moving day. I noticed every cosmetic problem, of which I wasn’t used to at our old home because it was so new (and we were the only owners). Knowing that other people had occupied our new home had me stuck and I wasn’t sure if I could overcome their smells, dirt and lack of upkeep on the house. I now see it as an adventure and an awesome learning experience for Jeffrey and I as a couple. We’re learning how to repair, organize and design a whole new space as new parents. Learning to balance our relationship, our relationship with Soph, our relationship with our friends and family that we moved to be closer to, our jobs and our house will take a while to get used to but I’m happy with our decision. I’m happy to be the matron of honor in my college roommate’s wedding this week. I’m happier to be taking Sophie on her first trip to Disney next week. I’m happiest to be back in my home state where my friends and family live and my heart has always been.

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