Happy Glam

geometric art

Although the circle is still my favorite shape, I’m getting really into triangles lately. Things that have especially sparked my interest are:

triangle collage

(Yes, that is a Deathly Hallows necklace in there…back to the post.) I’d recently bought a 5×5 wrapped canvas for my niece and decided that triangles would be the best thing EVER to put on it. I was right.

I started by painting a base coat followed by two coats of gold. I had this tape* waiting to be used for an awesome occasion such as this. I made triangles (with no rhyme or reason) on the canvas with the tape:

gold tape

Once I taped the canvas, I started choosing my colors. This is the hardest and longest portion of any painting I do. This step often paralyzes me from starting a painting because it’s so daunting. I did a lot of mixing to find the exact colors I was looking for and in the end I was quite shocked proud on how well the colors meshed.


I painted several layers of each color to obtain the opacity I was looking for. Peeling the tape off before letting the final coats dry seemed to be a good idea (something I’ve learned by painting the rooms of our house.)


Notice the areas that the paint seeped under the tape? In order to sharpen the lines, I re-taped the outsides with scotch tape and re-painted the gold stripes. If I’d used a stickier tape, this would not have been an issue.


The final product turned out better than I’d hoped! I named the piece ‘Happy Glam’ for my 2 year old niece who is a very happy little girl who loves glamorous-sparkly-shiny type things.


What projects have you been up to lately? Any shapes been especially inspiring to you? Circles are still in, right?

*I would not recommend this type of tape for this project because it did not adhere to the painted canvas well, which resulted in me having to repaint the gold lines.

Edit: I have since made a second triangle painting! Check HERE for how I improved from this painting.

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