Holiday Gift Ideas: Friends, Family and Significant Others

Last December The Minimalists put out a documentary on intentional living. I’ve been slowly adjusting how I live, buy and give to fit those values. The most difficult thing for me in the realm of minimalism is gifting. Not only is it difficult for gifts coming in but also the idea of giving gifts that will be truly impactful to someone (either by aesthetic of usefulness.)

My favorite thing to give and receive are experiences. I loved Miranda’s recent post over at Live Free Creative Co. called 50 Ideas for Gifts of Experiences. Her family of five has been applying the mindset of Less Stuff, More Adventure with their year of #morethanenoughstuff challenge. Only purchasing consumable items, experiences and necessities has been their goal. If your friends and family prefer gifts over experiences, here are some ideas to get you started.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Family, Friends and Significant Others

Indoor gardening for year round fresh spices!
For your green thumb mother-in-law who loves cooking. Kitchen Greenhouse.

Bath gift box for visitors coming for Christmas.
For your Aunt who staying over for the holidays. Bath Pamper Box.

Lady plant head hair vase
For your hip cousin who just bought a new house. Wild Hair Lady

photo easle
For your Grandpa who has no plans to retire. Custom Photo Calendar & Easel.

baby swing
For your boho cousins with a baby on the way. Macrame Baby Swing.

salt water cure framed art print
Art for your mom who dreams of the beach. Salt Water Cure Print.

wooden spoons

For your Dad who likes to work with his hands. Spoon Carving Knives.

For your nephew that has every toy! Skating Gator Rug.

crafternoon house pillow

For your niece that loves to create. House Pillow Kit.

shoe organizer
For your sister who loves organizing. Ikea shoe drawer.

wireless phone charger ikea
For your techy brother who appreciates style. Ikea Phone Charger.

arm knitting
For your friend who is always cold. Arm Kitting Throw Kit.

wiskey ice ball

For your friend who has sophisticated taste in beverages. Whiskey Ice Ball Mold.

galaxy moon phases print
For your husband who is obsessed with space. Galaxy Phases of the Moon Print.

hanging night stand
For your boho minimalist wife who loves nature. Hanging Wood Nightstand.

And for you, a day to yourself. Go get your eyebrows done, get a free makeover at Sephora, get your hands and feet pampered at the spa and cap it off curling up with a book on the couch next to the Christmas tree. Aaaah what a day. I hope this gift guide was inspirational for that cousin or nephew that is tricky to buy for!

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  1. I love this list! Great collection of useful and original items. I’m checking out a few of these links that fit my family. 🙂

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