Best Indoor Playgrounds around Indianapolis

Although it’s just a date on a calendar, the start of the new year is always the time of year I buckle down and really plan, organize, clean and rejuvenate our home. Being a personal organizer, I am always jealous of the spaces I organize for others because I haven’t taken the time to organize our new home yet. Part of that is because I’m doing the best I can to simply keep my home in order behind the two-year-old tornado that is my daughter. I’m learning that things stay much tidier in my home if I take Sophie out to expend her energy elsewhere. Once we’re home, she’s much more in tuned to cleaning up after herself if she’s had a chance to explore, run and play that day.

Since we’re new to the north side of Indianapolis, I’ve been researching and making a list of indoor playgrounds we’ve been exploring. There are several indoor playgrounds around Indianapolis. Check out what’s near you and let me know if there are any I’ve missed! For my go-to list of indoor playscapes around Indianapolis, check out my post on Indy’s Child.

Best Indoor Playgrounds around Indianapolis

Indoor playgrounds around Indianapolis

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