January Goals

Sound the trumpets, I’m back! Happiest of new years to you all. I am hoping you had a magical 2015 but fingers crossed that your 2016 is even better. I’ve been absent from this lovely blog and most of my social media for a few weeks because I needed to decompress from the internets and focus on my family, home and a bit of relaxation. It’s amazing how much I can accomplish (or not accomplish) if my nose isn’t in a laptop. While I’ve been away I’ve gotten mostly caught up on Game of Thrones, painted two rooms downstairs, had cousin sleepovers and family hot tub parties. Life has been good and I’m ready to see what changes 2016 brings.

January Goals 2016

A little recap of my December goals before I head into my January goals and 2016 goals. We did a great job on slowing down our speed on house projects as well as not watching as much TV during the week. I’ve also gotten much more patient with Sophie’s new found ‘nos’ and toddler independence. The things she gets upset about are so cute, unless we’re trying to get to school or leave the Conner Prairie that’s closing. We’ve learned to let her first try something by herself and wait for her to ask us for help, otherwise there will be tears when opening a door or string cheese. In the way of meeting people in our community, I joined a group called theCityMoms and met some new friends at their holiday party where we were pampered with manicures and crepes. I think I will get along just fine here in Indy with those kind of ‘girls nights’. We more than ‘partook’ in a few Christmas activities. There were few holiday-esque events we did not partake in. My favorite, by far, was experiencing the magic of  Christmas Lights at The Indianapolis Zoo. I was diligent about going to the gym three times per week and finished up my last PT meeting for my shoulder. I’m happy to announce that I’m able to lift my arm above my head now with minimal pain! I have faith I’ll get it back to a normal shoulder this year. Big goals people!


Although I completed all of my blog goals, I was a bad Blog Mama. I had five posts total on this site (two of which were blurbs for features on other sites, so they don’t really count). Although I’ve not done my content calendar for this month, *slaps hand, I am out of my blog slump and ready to create some awesome content. One of my Christmas gifts was a new tripod which will be a huge advantage over my previous tripod that I’d borrowed, and broke, from my Dad. Sorry Dad. I completely accomplished my biggest goal for December, which was to live in the moment with my family, and I cherished every second of it.


January Goals


  • Set up Sophie’s easel and create a Mommy/Daughter masterpiece
  • Re-start up Monthly Date Night
  • Get caught up on GoT


  • Host first neighborhood Girls Night In
  • Visit gym 4x/week and do shoulder exercises daily
  • Get office organized


  • Schedule content a month out
  • Plan at least one ‘power post’ a month for the year
  • Complete another PIN70 and 550 pins/week

Disney with a toddler

2016 Goals

My January goals are not extravagant but can be easily measured, which is exactly what my plan is for 2016. Having measurable small goals to achieve my overall larger goals. My fitness goal for 2016 is one pant size. I ultimately want to decrease by two pant sizes but know that I’m comfortable in a size 10 but will feel stunning in an 8. I want my body to be stronger so I’m able to last longer on fun adventures with my family. I want to work towards a strong body for our next child (whenever that may be). I want to be excited to buy clothes again because I enjoy fashion and the confidence I have when I’m loving my outfit. I haven’t LOVED an outfit in at least two years and that makes me really sad.

My career goal is to get a steady job. A job that has normal hours and people that I can talk to about my weekend. A job that I like but may not be obsessed with like I have been in the past. A job that will pay for Sophie’s school. A job that will hopefully allow me to have enough energy to continue writing about my DIY projects, Disney tips and our home improvements. A job that will allow us to not feel guilty to have a babysitter come once a month for date night. Fingers crossed that such a wonderful job exists and that we find each other soon!

I’m only making two big goals for 2016 but will continue to make small goals each month to assist in achieving those larger goals.  Will you be making a resolution this year or perhaps have a focus word for this year? Remember, that goals are just that. Goals. They can be changed or modified with what’s going on in your life, so never beat yourself up for not living up to your initial standards. You’ve probably over achieved in other areas of your life that you’re not even giving yourself credit for. Remember to pat yourself on the back this year and take care of yourself before others.

Follow along with my 2016 goals on Insta. If you comment on a photo to let me know you’re there, I’ll hop over to your feed. Let’s be friends! @shellybergman

6 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. I am so glad you’re back & ready to dominate 2016. I love your blog, and I am so excited to see your posts for the new year. It is awesome that you have set goals for different categories in your life. And I believe you will do your best in achieving them.

    Happy New Year!
    Tawni recently posted…Lessons I learned in 2015My Profile

    1. Thank you Tawni! I find small goals in the big categories of my life helps me break them down and makes them more achievable. It works, for the most part! Are you doing goals for this year? I’m headed to your site now. 🙂

    Ohhh a Power Post… I cannot wait to read those 🙂
    I started to plan yesterday, and then I found myself staring at a blank canvas. WHY?!?!
    I’m excited to see what’s in store for you this year. Also, good luck on the job hunt!
    Too bad we don’t live near each other, I’d love to hang out for a girls’ night!
    I need to break out of my shell.
    Mrs. AOK recently posted…Mommy Monday Blog Hop {131}My Profile

    1. Happy New YEAR! You may not know which ones are ‘power posts’ because they’re just strong/ontopic/relevant posts for that time period. 😉 I’ll share more with you once I’ve got them planned out! How did your planning go? Did you try again today? I’ve found I can never force myself to plan. It’s just sloppy and incomplete (same with organizing). Maybe that can be one of your things to plan! Schedule time to research groups (coffee lovers, insta photograph sessions, bloggers, mommy groups) and start with one meeting. If you don’t like it, try a new one! I like the GNO because it doesn’t seem like as much pressure because 1. they’re in my home so I’m in my own environment 2. I know exactly who will be there. With my mom’s group, I am going to start going to things like movie premiers so there’s not a lot of awkward small talk. 😉 I’d love a phone date sometime this month if you’re open! Send me a message if you are!

  3. Sounds like 2015 ended strong. I think your goals for 2016 are amazing and so focused. I’ve got good goals for my blog, but less so with my personal life (although my college friends and I now have scheduled a once-a-month gathering for whoever can make it so we make sure we see each other more regularly!). Hoping 2016 goes well for ya!
    Bev recently posted…6 tips for making time for creativity in the new yearMy Profile

    1. Blog goals are harder which is why I focus more on personal goals. 😉 That’s great that you’ll be seeing your college friends more! I’m sure 2016 will be a great year for you!

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