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Happy New Year everybody!! I hope you all had fun celebrating 2014 yesterday and are excited for the year to come! I am proud to announce, that we all made it through the holiday season fairly unscathed. Yes, we were all sick, multiple times, but nothing some Momma Robertson Chicken Noodle Soup couldn’t handle.

Let’s see how I did on my December goals!
I’m quite proud actually to have met most of my goals. In the ‘Family’ category we were unable to go sledding or build a snow man, as there is no snow here in IL, but we did all get snow pants, boots, gloves, warm coats and two sleds for when the snow starts falling! We were so successful in transitioning Sophie to her big girl bed! I am so proud of how quickly she adjusted to her new room (only a few nights of sleeping on the floor next to the door!) With the sicknesses we ensued, there was LOTS of movie watching and snuggling. We even had a fire one night! I rocked it out in the Life category. I finished the stockings and made the sweetest Christmas cards as well as making lots of hand made gifts for friends and family. I also filled the freezer (which is now a problem since we want to go back on Whole30.) The Blog category was not as successful. I don’t feel the Giveaway brought much attention to my blog compared to all the planning, posting and money I spent on it. I guess my blog’s just not ready for Giveaways and I’m ok with that! I did ZERO Blog Life sessions but we did announce our super secret Page Turners project starting TODAY!


I’m doing things a bit different this year for my New Years Resolution. I’m using one word to focus on rather than having specific goals to accomplish. I will still do my monthly goals but for 2015 there will be no dire goals that will weigh me down. The word I’m choosing for 2015 is:


Learn how to use our camera better. Learn calligraphy. Learn photo and video editing programs. Learn how to balance blogging/house keeping/parenting/friendships/loved ones more successfully. Learn to use meditation to stay calm. Learn from my mistakes. I’d call myself a life-long-learner. I enjoy school. I would be interested in getting a degree in horticulture or design just for the fun of it. For this year though, I’m going to just learn all that I can.

My January goals to get 2015 started off:


  • Find a babysitter for Sophie
  • Celebrate my 30th Birthday with sushi
  • Complete Sophie’s 1st year books


  • Do another Whole30
  • Do a house tour on video
  • Make my 2015 planner


  • Schedule posts 2 months out
  • Read Eat, Pray, Love for Page Turners
  • Organize my Pinterest boards


What are your goals for this month? Do you have a OLW for this year? I’d love to know so I can help you stay accountable! PS. Is my sweatshirt not the best?! It was comfy but glam for my New Years eve at home with my family!


7 thoughts on “January Goals

    1. Rebecca, I took a course called Pinning Perfect (in my right side bar) that I LOVED! It upped my Pinterest game a ton! I organize my boards according to seasons and what my biggest pinned/commented/trafficked boards. I also only keep boards that I’ve pinned 10 or more and get good traffic. I’ve neglected it lately which is why it’s on my to-do list!

  1. Cute sequined shirt! That fire looks awesome! We’ve also all been suffering from colds. It went right around the 4 of us. Sucked but glad we’re all mostly ok now. Can enjoy the new year! I love the WORD idea for the new year and focus your long term goals around that. I guess my goal for 2015 is being healthy. Working out, sleeping better, not getting stressed out, and enjoying life. Happy 2015! (PS I started EPL, but have to get back to reading it now that the holidays are over!)
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    1. Thanks Lisa! I’m so glad you guys are over your colds now so you can start 2015 off with a good foot! All your goals are mine too but they’re so hard to track without specific goals for me. I’m bad at habits. I do want to lose 30lbs by September so that’s a pretty huge goal. I’ve started EPL and I’m loving it so much! (So much in fact that I want to buy some japa mala beads to help with meditation…and I’m not even to the India part yet!)

  2. I absolutely love the fire, Shelly! I would love to have a fireplace. Oh if we lived closer, I would certainly watch your little sweetheart! Learn is a great word…I don’t think that we ever really stop learning. We have all had that nasty sinus stuff, too. My head has felt like is was going to explode from all of the pressure! Happy New Year, Shelly!
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    1. It would be awesome if we lived closer Stacey! I’m sorry you’ve not been feeling well either! Maybe I’m just getting wimpy in my old age but I feel this year has been one hit after another with being sick! I’m ready to relax on a beach or something to take a break from being sick!

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