July Goals

Happy July to you all! Last month I talked about how incredibly fast May was, June was faster, but July will be a complete blur. This July we start out with three trips and round it out with a super secret surprise that we’ll share with you later on. July goals

Before jumping into July’s goals, let’s see how I did for June. We completed Soph’s kitchen tower helper (a post I’ll share later) but I haven’t received all the photos for her board book. Jeffrey and I didn’t have a date night but were intentional about making sure we hung out a few evenings together to just slow down. Swim lessons were awesome! Soph loves swimming and I’m excited to get her in the next level. I really sucked at life this past month according to my goals. I wasn’t able to reach 10,000 every day nor did I do arm exercises 3x/week. I did get a new routine and I’ve started a ‘Don’t Break the Chain’ app on my phone. I finished Ready Player One, of which I LOVED but didn’t make the time to read The Fringe Hours this month.


I rocked my blog goals this past month! I attended BlogU where I met several awesome people (even joined a tribe!) I’ve implemented one task (focusing on Pinterest). I’ve done 1/2 of the redesign adjustments to get closer to how I want this blog to look.

IMG_6308July Goals:


  • Complete Sophie’s board book
  • Have June date night with Jeffrey
  • Visit the waterpark



  • Complete first Pin70
  • Finish re-design
  • Post at least once/week (it will be a stretch)

The key to goal planning is to make sure they’re achievable. I know that this month’s goals needed to be slightly easier because of all we have planned. I’ll be away from home the next two weekends and will be going on vacation the first of the month. The week days in between are speckled with appointments, lessons and play dates. I’m looking forward to all of the fun ahead but also really excited about the scheduled reading time for mandatory relaxation. What do you have planned this month? I’d love to know your goals!

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