Kids Chore List for Young Kids

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Do you use a kids chore list? At what age did they start doing chores? Our daughter is 3 and she has weekly chores that are her responsibility. We’ve still not decided on how or when to start allowance (or if we will) but for right now she has specific tasks that she needs to do before she can play. In our mind, this will help her as she has more difficult jobs around the house to be a normal routine. It may not help her to enjoy doing these chores in high school or even as an adult but it will help her understand that everyone plays a part. She understands that the sooner chores are done, the sooner Mommy and Daddy can play with her. Her favorite chore is to help take care of Lexi by giving her Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats.

Milo's Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats

Kids Chore List

I’ve seen many suggestions on Pinterest regarding the best chores for different ages. I think that all depends on the family situation and what the child is able to accomplish. We’ve had a Montessori approach to most things in our home since day one. She’s had access to her plates, cups, utensils to be able to get herself a snack or water at any time. We have step stools in all bathrooms which encouraged her to be able to go potty on the toilet and wash her hands at an early age. Everything in her bedroom and play areas are accessible for her to get out AND put away (emphasis on the ease of being able to put it away.)

As a three year old we expect her to take care of herself and the environment she is in (home, school, library etc.) Part of this stems from my anxiety around clutter but also to help her get in the habit of caring for her environment. We also expect her to be helpful to us around the house aside from her messes.

Milo's Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats

Milo's Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats

Our 3 Year Old’s Chores:

  • Sorting the clean silverware and her dishes when I clean the kitchen
  • Taking care of our dog Lexi (her favorite job)
  • Emptying all the small trashcans (weekly)
  • Dusting the TV area (weekly)

When I talk about her taking care of our dog Lexi, I don’t mean everything that is involved in taking care of a pet. We don’t make her scoop poop, give her a bath or brush her teeth but she does help or do everything else.

  • Feeds our dog
  • Lets her out of her room when we get home
  • Opens the door to let her outside
  • Helps take her on walks
  • Calms her down at vet visits
  • Plays ball with her outside
  • Gives her her favorite treats (Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style dog treats)

Milo's Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats

Milo's Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats

One major reason Sophia’s biggest chore is to take care of Lexi is to help her learn to care for others. Lexi is a member of our family and she deserves to be treated like our family. That’s why we buy her the best in dog food and treats. We wouldn’t want her eating anything we wouldn’t put in our mouths. We chose Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats because they use 100% real chicken, beef, duck or sweet potato as the #1 ingredient. Like with our family’s food, we want her to have treats that are made totally free of artificial flavors or colors. Another bonus is that it’s made here in the USA so we know what standards it has to go through before being placed on the shelves at Meijer.

Sophia has learned how to give commands for Lexi to do her tricks. Our pup will run through every trick she knows begging to get a Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style dog treat. Lexi’s favorite flavor is the sweet potato slices that are 100% real sweet potatoes basted with savory chicken broth. We get her treats when we pick up groceries at Meijer. Take advantage of this mPerks offer of 30% off Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style dog treats now through 10/7 (while supplies last) before you head to your local Meijer!

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Milo's Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats

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