Less Stuff, More Fun

Last year’s words were ‘minimal’ and ‘health’. I did much better at learning and applying the minimal lifestyle, although I am still a novice. This year’s word is ‘mindful‘ and with that comes being mindful of what footprint I am contributing to this Earth. In 2018 I will focus on 12 months of less stuff, more fun by being intentional with what I’m bringing into our home and what will be going out.

less stuff

Reasons why I’m choosing Less is More

  1. Budgeting for Baby- We’re expecting our second baby in July (yay!) Although we’ve saved a lot of the big purchases from when Sophia was born, there are still consumables and doctors bills that we will be adding to our budgeting sheet.
  2. My Values- I got hooked on The Minimalists when their documentary came out on Netflix and have been an avid listener to their podcast ever since. Their recipe for intentional living is one that I am applying more closely to my life.
  3. Organization- Did you know I do personal organizing as a side hustle? I have a car magnet and everything. I became passionate in helping others organize because I could see the benefits in my own life. There are tidiers and scrubbers (as Young House Love says) and I am a tidier. I have issues with anxiety when things are not clear from surfaces. I also realize that with less stuff there is less mess!
  4. My Impact- We recycle, leave the heat/AC at a reasonable temp, use smart appliances, use stainless steel straws, have one high efficiency vehicle yadda yadda yadda. There is SO MUCH more we could be doing. I will never live a zero waste lifestyle like my friend Polly but I can really get behind the movement and do what I can to come closer. It starts with less.

I know that once July hits my mind will be begging for nothing but sleep but that will pass and I’ll be feeling the itch to consume. I’ll be replacing that itch with travel. I’m doing a series on the blog this year of One Tank Trips from Indy and am excited to choose fun over things.

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