Life is Messy

Life is messy and that's ok

As I sit here in my office (which is supposed to be a dining room) I am realizing that life is messy…and that’s ok. Yesterday I had to clean up a ‘dog mess’ on the carpet with countertop cleaner because I couldn’t find the box with the carpet cleaner. I haven’t done my hair or makeup this entire week because it’s also packed in a mystery box. I haven’t gotten around to finding Sophie a pediatrician for her annual check up coming up or set up a tour of the Montessori around the corner. What we have done is played at a park, museum or splash pad every day of this move. We’ve eaten what we’ve needed to eat to stay sustained but haven’t started back on that Whole30 we wanted to do before Disney. We’ve had arguments and miscommunications at 11 at night when our physical and mental abilities have been exhausted. What I know from all of this, is that we’re happy. We’re together in our new home with a roof over our head, food in our bellies and arms to hug. Don’t get caught up in all of the ‘I have tos’…just let life be messy.

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