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Today I’m going to let you hear me. Yes, I’m doing my first ever vlog. Sigh. It’s so hard to hear yourself on camera but I wanted to try it out so you guys could get to know me a bit better! I’m going to talk about my life planner and show you what works for our family in hopes that it sparks some ideas for your planner!


First things first! HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!


Life Planner

If you want better quality, click HERE to go to my YouTube page.

Here’s the ridiculous set up I had for my make-shift tripod!! Please tell me how you set your cameras up so you can use both hands!! Please disregard all of the scrapbook stuff on the island out of frame! I’ve been smashing lately!


As promised here are the links to everything you see in my planner. If there’s anything I missed or you care to know about; like my nail polish color, what make up I’m wearing, where I got my Mickey earrings or any other random thing you see, just ask! Ps. Stephen King would be SO mad to see his book next to Twilight! You can definitely pick out which books are mine and which are Jeffrey’s.

There ya have it! What does your life planner look like? One of many things I learned while doing this vlog-look at the camera. Sorry friends. *Disclaimer: I do not discourage tree climbing except for when the tree is dead.* How’d you like the vlog? Honestly, I’d love any and all feedback you have regarding the matter! Also, sorry for calling my sweet neighborhood my ‘hood’…I’m weird.

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          1. Do you use typical letter paper and cut it yourself? I’ve been looking for this size but can only find lined paper by avery or blank printable stickers.


    1. Shelly, I thought your video was just darling. I had not heard of smashing yet so now I am interested in trying this myself. I also absolutely loved this song Just Dont Tell A Lie playing in the background and added it to my favs playlist. You are very creative and I think this is just adorable. Thank you honey! Keep learning!

      1. Thank you Pamela 🙂 Smashing is really fun. I need to get back to it because I’ve been doing Project Life lately. I’m not sure what song you’re talking about in the background?! HA! I had to re-watch the video and didn’t hear it.

    1. Thanks Tara! I really had to ‘just do it’ and not keep doing a lot of takes b/c I knew it’d never be perfect enough (and I wouldn’t be able to keep listening to my voice that much!) <3

    1. It’s SO true Kathy! Great way to put it! It helps my brain organize for the week so I’m better prepared to think about other stuff! Thanks for stopping by! <3

    1. HAHA! Thanks! It was insane, wasn’t it?! we actually just got a new video camera and my husband rigged up something so I’ll be able to use that next time. 😉 If you liked that stack of books you would LOVE our book collection. My husband’s a bit addicted…reads at least 5 books a week (he can speedread). <3

    1. Thank you for stopping by! You should totally make one next year and if it isn’t for you, you can always just get a new one. 😉 I liked being able to find the perfect layout b/c the people who make them on Etsy make them all different. 🙂

    1. DUDE! Now you can make your own! 😉 I didn’t have a planner until recently. I put everything in my phone…but I like seeing it in this bigger version and having it accessible to my husband. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I LOVE looking at other people’s scrapping! It tells a LOT about a person (besides the pictures in the book) and I get inspiration for my books! I’d love to see yours!

  1. I think your Vblog was great! your voice is sweet and comforting to listen to…unlike my southern drawl…Do it…and your planner…oh my. I can’t get that organized…lol…but it was interesting and loved your makeshift tripod…happy SITS day~
    Renee recently posted…Repurposed Birdbath PlanterMy Profile

    1. Awe thank you so much Renee! Southern drawls are very hospitable sounding to me! I bet you could get that organized…keeping it up is the hard part. 😉

  2. I love your blog. Your voice is lovely on the blog, btw. Your life planner picture was soooo pretty on Pinterest, I had to click. And I think your tripod is the bomb.

  3. I just bought this planner kit and i am interested in doing it in the small size like yours. How did you print the planner? I am struggling to print it double sided. 🙁 HELP!

    1. Oh man, Leigh! It was tough. It took a lot of trial and error because every printer is different (which is why she doesn’t have print instructions other than a few tips in her FAQ.) I printed every other page in my properties on my printer settings. I’d print a handful of odd numbered pages, make sure they looked good and repeat that process until all of the odds were printed. Once they were all printed I re-shuffled the paper so they were back in order and printed all the even pages. I would only do a handful at a time to make sure my printer wasn’t running out of ink. She now has the smaller size available for printing though because so many people had such a hard time. I really hope you get it worked out without too much hassle! The first time I got it printed, I took it to Staples and it cost over $400!

  4. Beautiful! I just pinned this because of the lovely job you did! I love planners and I hope you get a lot of re-pins! beautiful job really!!!

  5. I am so glad you mentioned the cost of having it printed because that’s my concern but I never see it mentioned. Running clot copies isn’t feasible. I’m afraid printing with a home printer may run up too with all the colored ink being used.. Any feedback on this issue? Thanks in advance!!

    1. It really depends on what type of printer you have (the cost of ink/paper) or if you can get a discount with a coupon somewhere. With my current printer, each cartridge is $21 and there are 7 in there! I printed my 2015 planner with it and it used a couple cartridges. You could always print on draft but it just won’t look as nice.

  6. Absolutely love this video! Definitely gotta get my life in track and this is the most helpful thing ive seen in a while!!! thank you so much

  7. I love your planner so much. I am wanting to start one with my little fam but I am seeming to have a hard timing finding a binder like the one you have. Can you help?

  8. Hello! I absolutely love this planner.. How did you print on both sides of your papers with the half page size?

    1. Thank you Victoria! All printers are different. There are instructions on how to print once you order the printable. With my printer, I printed it all ‘booklet’ and then re-stacked them and turned them over because my printer feeds upside down. It took a LOT of trial and error that I did using black/white fast ink and regular paper. Beware, you may get frustrated. 🙂

    1. Maria, the first time I got this planner printed, it cost $500!!!!! Seriously. I’d gotten it printed at Staples on bright white 32lb paper and that’s just how much they were charging. I declined it since they didn’t tell me the price beforehand and printed it at home. Still costly though when it comes down to paper and ink but probably not $60. I got a new planner for this next year and it was $60 as well (Dayplanner) and I’m loving it so far. It’s not as easy to customize but it has everything I need (a space for meal planning, top 3 for each day, a hourly schedule and a list section for each day.) I’m going to use this one for a year to see which I prefer.

  9. I so loved your vlog and wish you were my next-door neighbor! Your planner is what I wish I could get because Martha Stewart planners were discontinued. The size, color and your simple layout and system are exactumante what I want! If you were me (you’d suddenly be a grandmother of 8!!), which planner would you buy that most closely replicates the MS one you demoed! If you can help me, I’ll put you in the Will 17 times! Thanks and hugs!! Sue

    1. Haha! I do know that MS has that same size in black…I got one at my staples a couple months ago. I used a gold foil paint pen to decorate it so it wasn’t so dark. Starting in June I switched over to another planner that I’m loving so far. It’s not as colorful as my MS planner but actually keeps me better organized than my life planner. It’s called a Day Designer. 🙂

    1. You can’t beat the Kate Spade planner! *swoon* I had my finger on the ‘buy’ button many times and can’t pull the trigger either. 😉

  10. Hi there! I just watched your video! Great job by the way! I couldn’t help noticing that the view of your neighborhood looks insanely like the view from my old house. Do you happen to live in portage, MI?

    1. Thank you Jensine 🙂 That’s crazy! No, it’s in IL. I do know the builder bought the plans as an award winner from another state. Maybe you guys had the same plans!

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