Making Creativity the Norm for Kids

With the new year came lots of talk of eating healthy, organizing, schedules and goals. I’ve been focusing on Less Stuff, More Fun and choosing experiences over things. With that comes activities that are free that we can do by exploring our city or experiencing at home. Sophia, our four year old, has been getting very interested in coloring. There are no less than six coloring sheets coming home each day from the Y or school. I want to help her by making creativity the norm around our home. Being DIY Mama, you know I have ALL the craft stuff and we pull them out often but I want to do it in a more guided educational way. Cue Encouraging Creative Kids (affiliate link) e-course by Elise. Elise shared a code with me to take this course for free because I was so passionate about the topic.

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Elise’s course helps parents by  having a guide to start making creativity a habit in their family’s lives. The piece that really resonated with me was saying ‘YES’ when our kids ask to do something creative. A lot of the time my thoughts automatically turn to ‘no, because it’s too messy, I’m making dinner, we’ll do it on the weekend when there’s more time etc.’ Always an excuse but no real reason for it. I want to be ‘YES Mom’ when it comes to encouraging creativity in my daughter. I will be doing a series on the blog with the different crafts we create as we go through the course.

Encouraging Creative Kids

If you want to join along with me, check out her course video and see what it’s all about. The course is laid out nicely with an introduction followed by getting the supplies organized (and easily accessible for kids), working art into daily life and continues to  go through several key topics like where to store all the art they create and educating along the way while you do art side by side.

Gen Con with Kids

Valentines_Heart_Garland_Cards (1 of 1)

Each day during the summer Sophia and I worked on a craft to teach her the alphabet and she loved it. I miss doing bigger crafts with her and am excited to making crafting a habit again. I loved crafting before she was born but had the feeling it was ‘too much’ while she was a baby. I’m ready to bring creativity back as a hobby! Follow along with #creativekidsecourse

Here are a few links to crafts I’ve done with Sophia so far:

Halloween Ghost Toddler Shirt

Tie Dye With Your Toddler

Valentines Day Heart Garland

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