May Goals

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May_featureHappy May! Did you go to a  May Day festival this past weekend? I would love to go to a May Day festival draped in a flowing white dress and flowers in my hair. This year I spent it with bubbles and chalk outside with Sophie which is equally as awesome. Although the days are getting longer, they seem to be shorter because we’re having much more fun!

Before getting into my May goals, let’s see how I did with my April goals. My biggest family goal was to have more patience towards Sophie. I definitely have had more patience with Sophie. There are still days when I’m counting down the minutes til Jeffrey’s arrival but overall I’m getting better with staying calm with her. Jeffrey and I had a star gazing date night with dinner and a movie at the planetarium which was amazing. We’ve also started watching (second time for him) Game of Thrones and spending time together everyday outside once he gets home. We also had a ‘5k date night’ of which we’re both very proud of because we didn’t walk during the race! I did a meal plan every week but didn’t even touch my video files that are in desperate need of organization.

Although I did not get accepted for any sponsored posts, I’m happy with my month of blogging. I only applied for two sponsored posts because I didn’t feel the options meshed with DIY Mama. I re-worked two drafts (Gooey Granola Bars and Love Letters Scrapbook) that went live this past month. I did very well at scheduling content for my social media accounts in advance and learning more about each outlet. I’m still not a fan of Facebook but I’m getting better at it. In fact, I did my first ‘boosted’ post and got amazing results.

May Goals:


  • Take Soph to the new library once per week
  • Visit the park as a family 3 times/week
  • Date night in Chicago



  • Complete site redesign
  • Design/order business cards for BlogU
  • Make at least one photography background

May is tied with December as the fastest month for me so I’m going to do my very best to stay on track with these goals. We’ve already got planned to see The Book of Mormon, attend a Cinco de Drinko neighborhood party, a wedding shower and the Indy 500! The blog re-launch and gearing up for BlogU alone will take up a huge chunk of my time! Thankfully I’m already done with May’s Page Turners book club selection Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me. Is May super fast for your family? Anything fun planned?

4 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. May is already looking crazy for me! Tons of preschool graduation events (yes, really), hosting a 5K fundraiser at church, and vacation with my extended family the last week of the month. Whew! I think I’ll be ready for that!

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