New Exhibits at The Children’s Museum- American Pop Culture and Dance

New Exhibits at The Children’s Museum- American Pop Culture and Dance will open Saturday June 17th, 2017. We were invited by The Children’s Museum to view the exhibits in a media preview. Photos may be used with my consent. 

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis never ceases to amaze me. Since moving back to Indy two years ago, we have been to the museum no less than 30 times and we’ve yet to be bored. There’s always something new to see and this Saturday they will be revealing their newest exhibit The Galleries for American Arts and Popular Culture, featuring a permanent exhibit- American POP– and a temporary exhibit- DANCE!

American POP

American POP

I have no doubt that every single person who visits American POP will have an emotional reaction to this exhibit; whether it’s the music, fashion or artifacts, there is something interesting for everyone. America POP is divided into four categories:

  • TV, Film, and Music: Some shows, songs, and movies remain popular across generations. I remember watching Star Trek with my parents as a kid and John William’s score to Star Wars still gets me excited! TIP: Have teens that don’t typically enjoy tagging along at TCM? This will be the spot for them.
  • Fashion and Textiles: Fashion trends can be a reflection of cultural values, technology, or events of the time. This section is a great example of how trends fade and return, such as, mini skirts, platform shoes and leggings.
  • Comics, Art and Literature: How do we use popular culture? Families surround themselves with products, merchandise, and reading material that reflects their personality.  The museum holds more than 14,000 comic books in its Max Simon Collection.

comic book collection at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis American POP Culture

Comic Book American POP Exhibit at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

New Exhibit at Children's Museum- American Pop and Dance

‘Batman, Barbie, Hot Wheels, LEGOs, and Star Wars are multi-generational characters and stories shared by grandparents, parents and their children. Because these characters and stories are ‘evergreen,’ they provide a wonderful means for families to engage with each other and discuss how the stories are the same and how they may have changed over time,’ said Dr. Jeffrey H. Patchen, president and CEO, the Children’s Museum.

 Comic Book American POP Exhibit at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Star Wars at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis American POP Culture

Star Trek at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis American POP Culture

Inside the exhibit you’ll also see:

  • See comics from the Max Simon Comic Book Collection
  • Put yourself in a digital comic book scene
  • Explore toys and memorabilia from the museum’s newly acquired Batman collection
  • Discover how superheroes like Wonder Woman have changed with the times
  • Design your own fashions
  • Compare songs of different styles and eras
  • Predict movie plots
  • See iconic outfits worn by music stars or in popular films
  • Try-on the fads of another generation
  • And more!

Dance! exhibit at Children's Museum


As a former high school show choir member, I have a very special place in my heart for dance. Bright lights, performing, hair, makeup, adrenaline and then losing all of that anxiety when the music starts and your body just does the rest. Dance still brings me joy as a Mom during our afternoon dance breaks or watching my daughter’s first ballet class.

DANCE! is a separate temporary exhibit (June 17, 2017–April 2018) that opens alongside The Galleries for American Arts & Popular Culture. There, families will have an opportunity to learn many different types of dance moves as well as how those dances tell a story, express emotions ,and build relationships. Learn some of the most popular dance moves through instructional videos within the exhibit.

Dance! Exhibit at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis(Photo: The Children’s Museum)

Some of the dances through the decades that will be featured include:

  • The Charleston (20s-30s)
  • Swing (40s)
  • Twist (50s-60s)
  • Hustle (70s)
  • Macarena (80s-90s)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (2000s-present)

These two amazing side-by-side exhibits work so well together. The American POP exhibit will consistently be rotating artifacts to keep the exhibit exciting as well as to preserve the objects from light damage. We will be coming back several times to spot all the new objects and to freshen up on our Macarena skills.

For more information about The Children’s Museum, visit their website or follow them on Twitter @TCMIndy, Instagram @childrensmuseum,, and Facebook.

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