November Goals

October has blown through our lives like the wind that fall brings. It’s crazy how much we did this past month. I really focused on having fun with Sophie and making sure to spend more time with friends and family. We’re still doing nightly projects on the house but there is a lot more ‘fun’ time scheduled in. Unfortunately, we’re ramping up to do a few big house projects before winter (and snow) comes. Hopefully having these November goals written out will help keep me on track because I know this and next month will be pretty anxiety inducing.


On that note, let’s check to see how flexible I’ll have to be with my November goals by looking back on my October goals (or as I like to call them ‘accomplishments’.)

Conner Prairie is so beautiful in the fall
We did well on our family goals for October. Like I said, my focus was Sophie, so we got a play area set up for her in the basement since the weather is starting to get rainy. We did not do well at getting her bedtime routine set. I could blame it on a number of events we did but in reality, it’s all on us to make sure we’re home to give her the routine she thrives on. We’re running into her having a hard time waking up in the mornings and refusing school again so bedtime routine will be a must this month. We did not go to a pumpkin patch but Soph went with me to pick out her pumpkin and we carved them as a cat and Frankenstein. We also went to several local Halloween attractions like The Headless Horseman at Conner Prairie, The Children’s Museum and Octoboo Trick or Treating at the Hamilton East County Library.

Sophie at the park
I only accomplished 50% of my life goals this past month. We got the bathroom painted with help from my sister and got the shelves up in the master closet this past weekend. We were able to visit both sides of our family for lots of Birthday celebrating, however, I did not work out 5 days/week and we only did Whole15. The good news is that I’m now in PT for my shoulder and neck so I will be able to do more regular workouts (and vacuum the house!) I rocked my blog goals and completed all three! I did several paid posts, wrote both Sophie’s Birthday party post and a Disney post (coming this week) and finished our final book for Page Turners, George.

Hayride with toddler
We have had a wonderful start to the fall season. During Sophie’s fall break we were able to visit with lots of friends and family and really spent quality time with everyone (without a ton on the agenda). She seems to really like fall and all the activities that come with it (other than the rain because she can’t go to the park every day).  Now for my November goals.

November Goals:


  • Focus on Sophie’s bedtime routine
  • Start swim lessons
  • Meet up with another mom or mom’s group


  • Do one personal organizing session
  • Read 4 nights/week
  • Build a shed


  • Post three times/week
  • Use hashtags more effectively on Instagram (higher likes)
  • Schedule content a month out

I’m excited but also nervous for November and December. I like having a few things on the calendar but it’s already looking quite full. One day  at a time. By the way, what is one of your biggest goals for November? Please share it with me. I’d love to have an accountability buddy.

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    1. I just checked out her EpicBlog planner and was worried I shouldn’t get it yet since 2015 is almost ending. Is it specifically for 2015 or can you start using it any time? She’s great! thanks for the tip because I didn’t know she had one and I desperately need SOMETHING! I’ve used an excel spreadsheet and a physical planner and can’t seem to figure out what suits me. Happy November to you and hope your November is successful!

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