organizationI believe this whole heartedly! People, like myself, may get anxious, irritated and disgusted with clutter but I also believe that I really am just too lazy to look for things. If I can’t find something in it’s first two places, I usually give up. I often don’t do craft projects JUST because my craft organization is insane. I do my best to completely stay out of the garage because it is a serious mess. I bought a small hammer, measuring tape and screw driver to keep in the kitchen JUST so I don’t have to go find one of the five we already have. Yes, if we just had LESS, it would be much more manageable and we’d have a place for everything and always be able to find what we’re looking for. In a perfect world. 🙂


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  1. This is so true! I have no patience for searching for things in the house, and I do it often because the rest of my family is not organized like me. Guess what one of the first projects I have waiting for my kids when school ends on Friday? Organizing (i.e. cleaning) their desks!
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    1. I hear ya Dana! There’s only one other person who’s able to put things away at my home and it’s already tough! I’m not looking forward to when there are 3 other people! 😉 Desk organizing is exactly what I’m working on this week! 🙂

    1. That’s what lists are for! I am still trying to perfect this method but things get lost in my mind if I don’t make lists! Mail is always sorted as soon as it comes in the mail-either recycled or acted upon immediately. I don’t have school aged kids, so I don’t have school papers but there are a ton of org ideas on Pinterest for that! Secondhand store finds…welllll I can’t help ya there! 😉 You could try the rule ‘one thing in, one thing out.’ For the blog ideas, I have a content calendar that I schedule posts and I have a column to the side with a list of all my extra ideas. I’ll transfer those from notebooks or my phone every so often. 🙂

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