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Organizing Craft Supplies– Ello creative friends! I’ve been asked a few times on the blog how I organize allllllll of my crafting crap supplies. I’m sad to say that it is my very least favorite thing to organize in our home and I think it’s because I have more stuff than room to fit it all! My dream is to have a FULL room just for my hobbies/crafts (or a large portion of a basement.) For now, I’ll do the best I can to organize what I have so I don’t buy things more than once and I always have some kind of supplies to make a craft if I’m feeling creative.

organizing-your-craftsOrganizing crafts is messy and I wasn’t sure exactly how to show you everything since there is SO much in such a small area. I thought numbering the shelves and describing what’s on them would be the most efficient way to show you my goods.


  1. Guitar amp, bag with ancient gaming consoles and my book bag with supplies from my art class a couple years ago.
  2. Disney puzzles, chess, hammock, basket with misc. cords and coloring books.
  3. Party board games, shoe boxes full of cards for Sophie, our wedding memorabilia and cards to send out, Smash Book basket (whatever current Smash book I’m working on has all supplies in there for easy access), sewing machine with incomplete cover, computer/photo paper in magazine folder, and large paper cutter.
  4. Tote filled with fun crafts (buttons, pipe cleaners, friendship string, heat beads), tote of punches, glue gun and embossing gun, tote of scrap book paper, magazine folder of misc. scrap book paper, a Recollections storage unit with stamps in the left drawer and stickers on the right, a photo album of my plant tags, twine and a 3 hole punch.
  5. This is the insane part. The floor holds fabric for projects yet to be completed, (stockings and a blanket for Lexi) Scrabble, Rock Band drum kit, transfer paper for my Cricut, all the current scrap books/Smash books I’m working on and my Cricut (I know, I need a better place for it!)
  6. Rarely used games, a tote of cards and dice games and a tote of poker chips.
  7. Our most played games, (these get played about once/month) our camera bag and photo reflectors. Under the camera equipment sits my Dad’s tripod and a few prepped canvases for a quick craft. I like prepping canvas all at once so they have time to dry so I can get to the painting part when I’m inspired.
  8. This 6 cube storage unit holds a TON. On top is my massive bead box. Top left: crayons, colored pencils, markers, water color and kid scissors. Top right: ribbons and a few magazines. Middle left: acrylic paints filled to the top (my inspiration for getting this organizer b/c they were spread between 3 totes before.) Middle right: paint brushes, gesso, brush cleaner and other tools. Bottom left: tulle and small scraps of fabrics. Bottom right: sewing supplies (needles, pins, thread, quilt cutter, measuring tape, heat’n bond etc.)

While I look at this photo, the closet still looks insane and unorganized to me. I at least know where everything is and it’s easy to put away. The main thing is that the floor access to the crawl space is clear for tornado warnings!

My desk has an Alex drawer unit that holds the supplies that I use more often. I just recently bought this unit and am so happy with it because it has really long drawers and I have room to grow.


The top drawer has my favorite expandable acrylic organizer (I also have one for my makeup.) This drawer holds my paperclips that sit on top of my post-it notes. It also has my pencil sharpeners, eraser, USB stick, extra markers, lip chap, hand lotion, chalk, notebook, iPhone cable, return address stamp, ink and stamp roll.

IMG_3689The second drawer down is my adhesive drawer. It holds my washi tapes, embossing pad, glues, scrap book tape, magnetic tape, glue dots, floral tape and acrylic tape.  My favorite adhesives, besides the beautiful washi tapes, are the Scotch glue dots and the Martha Stewart glue (in case you were wondering.) I also really love my Aleen’s scrap book tape for scrapping.

glitter-Alex-drawer-IKEAThe third drawer down shows my unhealthy addiction with glitter. It also holds our True Love tin (wedding gift from my sister) containing mosaic tiles. I also have my One A Day journal (that I’ve, sadly, not written in for two years) and the Martha Steward circle cutter.

junk-Alex-drawer-IKEAThe fourth drawer is my obligatory junk drawer that has stuff that I use but don’t really have a place for. Embossing powder, extra exacto, bleach pen, fancy scissors, screwdriver, date stamp, extra ink pad, stone beads (I guess I do know where those can go…) and buttons.

final-Alex-drawer-IKEAThe final drawer is my techy drawer because it holds extra cables, my iPhone box, headphones and my awesome Bamboo tablet that I NEEDED but have hardly used. *looks down and shakes head*

If you’ve ever been curious as to where this blog originates, it is here:

blogging-deskThis shot was from a couple weeks ago, before I got my new lamp and before I started trying to make a dent in my scrap book pile. I like using a laptop rather than a desktop so I can move it to the couch if we’re watching a movie or if I’m using the desk for an extensive project. The shelf up top holds my ‘no touching unless you’re Shelly’ carousel of crayons, fake plant, twine, mini 3-hole punch, tape, stacking dolls and random vase. I also have my favorite Disney princess (Ariel) and favorite musician (Trent Reznor) on the walls. You’ll also probably recognize my friendship lamp!

wall-storageThe area on the wall behind my computer holds the photo wire with some of my favorite memories that I often rotate. I also have a wall container unit that holds my stationary for quick thank you notes, markers, colored pencils and my favorite writing utensils. I have to admit though, my desk does not always look this empty. I clean it to this state once every couple of weeks, but usually it has some sort of project occupying at least half of the desk. Here’s what my desk looks like tonight:

messy-deskMy desk will remain like this until I finish ONE scrapbook. In case you were wondering, I’m working on our Disney Trips album. All in all, I know where everything is and I don’t have to make too much effort trying to get it out or put it back away, which is key in keeping things organized. I have also promised myself to not buy any more scrap booking materials until I go through half of my supplies. This is hard because I really want to see what Project Life is all about! Anyone else have a similar method or do you organize completely different? Similar messy desk syndrome at least? 😉 I’d love to hear how you organize your crafts or if you have any suggestions to help me improve my situation!

Organizing craft and office supplies like a professional organizer

16 thoughts on “Organizing Crafts

  1. I love Ariel too! And I love the shelves above your desk. Now you make me wanna do a tour of my working space. Which is pretty barren I might add. Like you, I dream of having an actual room dedicated to craft supplies and I am interested in Project Life too. Sadly those things will have to wait for a while.
    Ana Lynn recently posted…Keep Calm And Dodge BallsMy Profile

    1. She’s the best! Although I am starting to fall pretty hard for Rapunzel and Ana. You should take a photo today of your work space and over time make it pretty and organized and then you can do a final reveal post sometime! I love reveals! What about Project Life intrigues you? I’m afraid it’s TOO structured and it will limit me (which is it’s whole point so you don’t have to think as much!) You can always print a couple free printables online and at least hang them with washi tape or a goodwill frame! Super way to make a space happy!

  2. Your desk is AWESOME! I don’t really have a dedicated crafting space anymore since having a second child, so I keep all my “craft crap” crammed in a closet. I barely have time for it anyway, so I don’t mind too much, but hopefully someday I’ll be able to get back into it and find a better way to organize/store it.
    Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout recently posted…Party planningMy Profile

    1. Thank you! I helped my husband build it so it would be MASSIVE and sturdy! I hope I’m able to keep up with SOME crafting as my kid(s) are little…it’ll just transform to watercolor finger paints and macaroni necklaces. 😉

  3. I absolutely love your work area! It is so cute. I might have to clean out my craft room so that I can copy it 🙂 Plus, when I saw the little mermaid picture I started singing “look at this stuff isn’t it neat?” in my head.

  4. I love how you personalized your work area & I love the laptop stand. Great idea! We used to have 2 desks so that I could keep all my things on my side but now we share a desk so it has lots of junk paper on it. I have to whip out and clean up whatever craft project I’m working on the same night, so I try to get things done in one shot. Except Project Life, of course. That’s 3 years in the making. I’m not nearly as organized as you because everything is in the backroom but all over the place. Some on this shelf, some one another. Some over the washing machine.
    lisacng @ recently posted…Blackberry picking {photos} + Picture PracticeMy Profile

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yea, I was having neck pains from looking down at my laptop so much so I got that from IKEA and it’s been great! Oh man! We would go insane if we had to share a desk because my husband’s desk is always covered! Scrapbooking really is the messiest/long term project isn’t it? You CAN’T just clean all of it up after one session.

    1. This was an awesome compliment Julie! Thank you! I drool over design blogs and think ‘I want my space to look like that’ and then I realize it’s not practical and so my space is ‘just me’ and it works out great!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Katie! Yes, they’re organized but there is always some kind of project going on at my desk, the kitchen table or island (or all of them!) 😉

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