Page Turners Selection: October

Lisa and I are so happy to announce our book for October! It’s special because it’s the first new release we’ve selected (published August 25th) and it’s going to be our last book club selection. We’ve loved hosting our Page Turners book club but we’re both having a hard time keeping up with the books right now. With so many projects with the new house, spending more time with family and vacations I’m finding it hard to read even one book per month. So, we hope you’ll join us  for our final book this October:

George by Alex Gino

George by Alex Gino

Lisa first heard about George (Goodreads) on the Book Riot Podcast. It’s a book written for kids, and it’s about a boy named George who knows he’s really a girl. George wants to be Charlotte in his (her) school’s production of Charlotte’s Web but her teacher says no because she’s a boy. Well, shenanigans probably ensue so that she can let everyone who she is.George by Alex Gino

I think I’m going to love this book because it reminds me so much of Wonder, another children’s book also about acceptance. Hope you’ll join us! We’ll be discussing it on October 29th.


We’ve had a great run with our book club and may start it up again if things slow down in our lives. This will be our 10th book and we think it will be an awesome final book. Thanks for joining us!

And don’t forget, next week we’ll be discussing The Silver Linings Playbook on September 24th.

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