Perfect Picnic Essentials


Spring is right around the corner and I am dreaming of going to a nearby park to soak up some rays! Our picnic experience will be quite different now that we have a baby but I’ve included what makes for a perfect picnic san baby. All of these things are not ACTUAL necessities but they make for a more enjoyable time.

Perfect Picnic
1. Sun hat for shading your face as well as holding your hair back from the wind.
2. Book to escape to. My favorite device for reading is the Kindle Paperwhite. There is no glare, it’s light and it’s easy to grab a new book if you finish yours while you’re at the park.
3. Camera to capture the fun in action. This Fuji camera is the modern version of the Polaroid.
4. Darling sun dress to romp around in.
5. Bicycle to cruise the park on-preferably with a basket for your nature scavenger hunt.
6. Comfy blanket to sprawl out and relax with your loved ones.
7. Jams to listen to while you eat, read, or play games. We have two of these (one was a gift) and we love them! They have awesome sound quality and can hook up wirelessly to any tablet or smartphone.
8. Pic-a-nic basket to haul your refreshing drinks and sweet treats in. My go to picnic meal is a chicken salad croissant, pringles, grapes and Sunkist. I’m a simple girl.

9. Sunnies mainly to look cute but also to protect your eyes from UVB.

So grab your favorite drink, throw these items in your picnic basket and you’ll be all set for a spontaneous date! What are your picnic essentials?
ShellyThis is not a sponsored post. These are my own opinions.

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