Preschool Montessori Bedroom

This preschool Montessori bedroom was partially compensated by PhotoWall, a Swedish company excelling in wall coverings. All opinions are my own.

We were so worried about moving to a new home because of the toll transitions take on kids. Our daughter was two and could hardly care less that we were in a new home. We still made it our priority to have her room fully painted and decorated before working on any room in our home. Fast forward two years and by turning four she’s now acting like a fourteen year old. I was planning on updating her room when we became pregnant with our second child making it a process we could go through together to welcome her new sibling into her room. When PhotoWall contacted me I thought it would be a simple addition of one accent wall. A week later she had a completely new room by re-painting, flipping her bed over into a bunk bed and switching out the art.

The total spent on her renovation was $0 because we used everything we had on hand aside from the wall mural and supplies sent by Photo Wall. We used white paint that we’d used in another room in our home and spray paint to paint a dark wood frame and black mirror to match the design better. We’d previously had all furniture, bedding and art that was used in the renovation of her preschool bedroom.

Our little girl has lots of opinions. I know to not buy clothes without her approval because she won’t wear them. I knew she needed to be a part of her bedroom design so she would feel comfortable and happy in her space. Photo Wall has hundreds of wall coverings to choose from. I selected five of my favorites and had her choose from those five. She was also in charge of choosing which new art came in and which old art stayed. Pinterest makes art so easy! She specifically wanted a unicorn added to her gallery wall so I got on Pinterest and had it framed within three minutes of her request. She also helped with the wall mural. We cut each panel out and lined them up according to their number. This made it so easy to find which panel came next.

There are two things I especially love about PhotoWall. The premium wall paper is super thick and has the most luxurious feel. The second reason I agreed to work with PhotoWall is for their green initiative. They work with an organization called Vi Agroforestry and every year they plant 5,000 trees in the area around Lake Victoria, eastern Africa. The trees help to fight poverty, improve the environment and combat climate change. All production is to order, which means they only produce the quantity of products required, none are held in stock or discarded unnecessarily. The printing ink they use for their wallpapers contains no solvents or hazardous chemicals, and is biodegradable.

Here is a quick before of our daughter’s room. It started out simple with clean lines and uncluttered but as time went by she continued to add her special touches to the room. I wanted to keep this in mind as we upgraded her bedroom. I wanted her to feel like it was her room but scale back to a more peaceful uncluttered space.

Her room feels much more intentional and curated to fit her specific tastes and needs. She now has a spot for everything as well as a playful kid feel. She adores her wall mural and exclaimed ‘Someone drew and colored these flowers!’ I love that she is excited about her new space and has been spending more time playing in there after school. My hope is that this room will continue to grow and evolve with every stage of her childhood.

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