Preschool Supplies

Preschool Supplies-This post is not sponsored but does contain affiliate links to the products that we use and love. I would only use affiliate links for products that I would share with my family and friends.
My preschool days aren’t too clear but there are two things I remember. 1. Getting stuck on the monkey bars at recess and my sister catching me. 2. My boyfriend Stevie who liked basketball and watermelon. I’m pretty sure my preschool days started my love of school. I was always excited to go back to school from Kindergarten through college. My very favorite part of school was the back-to-school shopping.


 My Mom would take me and my sister, with supply list in hand, to the store to pick up our school supplies and new clothes. When we’d get back to the house I would quickly lay out all of my supplies. Opening the packaging, dumping crayons into my art box, smelling the happy smell of new crayons and erasers and having my Dad come in to see all my new Lisa Frank folders.
last day of school
Right now, our daughter is 3 and in preschool at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis where they provide all materials for the children so I’m living vicariously through my sister as she’s getting ready to school shop for her second grader. I wanted to do a little round up of some of our favorite products that we have, despite not actually taking them to school. Although Soph doesn’t take her backpack to school, she has 4 that she swaps out to take anywhere we go. I’ll ask her to get her shoes on to go to the pool and she’ll say ‘One minute. I need to get my backpack and toys and sunglasses and phone.’ I wait patiently as she runs around the house collecting random special toys and her essentials for the pool. I love that she’s already got the ‘always be prepared’ part down of Girls Scouts.

Preschool Supplies

1. Unicorn Backpack. Perfect for a sleepover at her cousin’s or stuffing with toys for the pool!
2. In My Heart by by Jo Witek (Author), Christine Roussey (Illustrator). A book on feelings
3. Crayola Crayons. I buy these every year at school time because they’re so cheap.
4. Denim cap sleeved dress. We wear bike shorts under all dresses to make sure she doesn’t get stuck to the slide and she can play as much as she wants.
5. Rubber sunglasses. Toddlers are tough on sunglasses so we’ve learned to buy the stretchy sunglasses that won’t break with her need to distort them.
6. Easy to wear sandals. We’ve learned to not buy Sophie ‘dress shoes’ or shoes she can’t put on herself. Sophie often gets extremely frustrated if she can’t wear what she wants or is unable to do it herself. We have a similar pair to these that have a good solid rubber sole and velcro to keep the frustration at bay.
7. Lunch Bag. Anything that has a handle and is little is Sophie’s favorite thing ever. This lunch bag holds her lunchbox perfectly, is easy for her to unzip at school, has an inside net for the ice pack and small zipper compartments for a water bottle, napkin or love notes from Mommy.
8. Bento Box. As I’ve mentioned before, my toddler doesn’t eat food unless it’s fruit or a treat. Using a Bentology bento box helps lunch be more interesting for her as a toddler.
Do you long for school (routine) to start or are you saddened the summer is coming to an end? What are some of your back-to-school routines? Do you remember your preschool days?

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