The Secret Killer

shameShame is a hard thing to overcome. One can not even feel vulnerable unless they get past shame. Brene Brown wrote the quote ‘the secret killer of innovation is shame’ in Daring Greatly in regards to people never putting themselves out there for fear of what others think. My heart aches for the people who don’t share their music, art, writings or newest invention because they are worried about criticism. They see their work as a representation of their whole self and if someone doesn’t like something they create, they must not like them. Imagine where the world would be if everyone was afraid of what others thought about what they create. Be brave. Overcome shame.

3 thoughts on “The Secret Killer

  1. It takes a lot of courage to share ourselves and our art. I remember when I first started taking photos and I brought a photo for critique at a club meeting. It was of my son at his first birthday, and someone said an improvement to the photo would be to “start over”. That mother f’ing….Well, I didn’t let that stop me from continuing to practice shooting. I just don’t share my photos with that particular bunch since apparently they only take (and appreciate) photos of animals and landscape.
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    1. OMG I just got enraged! How dare he/she?!?! ESP because I bet the photo was great and you’re trying to better your craft…why would they put it down!? sigh. Today I thought ‘I’m not big enough for anyone to be mean on my blogs and if anyone ever is, I’ll remember ‘If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personally.’ 🙂 I’m glad that person’s ‘advice’ didn’t dissuade you from shooting!

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