Self Love

Self loveI saw this quote this past weekend and had to stop a minute to really focus on it’s truth. ‘Myself’ would not be high up on the list. In fact, myself may not even be on the list without being reminded. For me, there are several people that I would put above myself. People that I would give my life for. Without being reminded though, there are a lot of things and places that I would put on the list before myself. This quote was an eye opener for self love and helped me realize that I need to work on my own. One way I’ve started dismissing the mean voice in my head is by deleting social media apps from my phone. I look at them too often and when I do I feel so bogged down with other people’s creations that it makes me feel like I’m not doing enough. It adds pressure to be better, do more, make it prettier and put off other things that are more important. I left Instagram because it’s more inspirational than belittling. I do limit myself to only looking at it twice/day. Have you ever struggled with self love? How do you shut down the negative voice inside your head?

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