September Goals

The date on my phone says September 18th too, don’t worry, I’m a little behind. That’s just how things go sometimes! I didn’t want to skip over making goals this month because there are still things I want to work towards these next couple of weeks. Because I started late, my September goals will be a bit lighter.

September Goals

Before jumping into September’s goals, let’s take a look back to see how I did on August’s goals. (To be honest, I did not look at them once this past month. With the move transition, my focus was getting our home in order and spending quality time with Sophie, making sure her transition was as smooth as it could be.

Indianapolis BricksJeffrey and I went on a couple dates in August, including GenCon where I dressed up in steampunk attire! I highly recommend GenCon if you’re near the Indy area and like board games. I also took Sophie to several different Indianapolis attractions. Her favorite is Conner Prairie due to her love of goats. As far as completing her room, we are far from that goal, but her uncle painted her room white while we were gone on vacation and I’m slowly decorating her space to feel like her own. My life goals were not as successful as we did not get everything unpacked, however, all of the important things are unpacked so we feel much more stable. All of our accounts have all been switched over and we’ve had two rooms painted!

15.8.17 224Unfortunately, despite applying for multiple shopportunities, I was not accepted. I’m stuck on whether I should pursue Collective Bias as a partner or try someone else. I skimmed the Princess Bride for book club because I’d read it within the past year. I was able to post at least once per week through August. I put forth a lot of effort to keep up with posting through the move.

Daddy daughter at the lake

September Goals:


  • Start Sophie at a local Montessori School
  • Have a Mommy/Daughter date
  • Make home more montessori friendly


  • Start potty training
  • Paint 2 more rooms
  • Work out 5 days/week


  • Join another Pin70 (Facebook group for Pinterest)
  • Write one recipe post
  • Talk to Misty and start a monthly game plan

Have you had those kind of months where you’re just catching up half way through? Any tips on transitioning a toddler through a movie and starting school at the same time? The tantrums have been rolling in! What better time to also introduce potty training?



2 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I think you’re doing awesome in the middle of the move! Big changes! Tantrums is just a stage. What gets you through is knowledge that it’ll pass (and turn into different types of tantrums, believe me!) and patience. Lots of it. Putting yourself in 2 yr old’s shoes. What does the world look like to her? What if no one around you understood what you were trying to communicate? As for potty training, if she refuses or resists, just wait a few more weeks/months. When it’s the right time, potty training is no-training, in my opinion. They just do it well from day one.
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  2. A big move is a lot of work and I see you’ve been doing the best you can! I too have months when all I do is just catch up with things and my goals. I introduced potty training to my son when he was 3, he’s now 4. He wasn’t completely trained yet and truth be told, the rest of it was like magic. It just happened and before I knew it, he was already going to the bathroom on his own when he needs to. So I guess in time kids naturally learn with parents’ consistent guidance. 🙂
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