Silver Linings Playbook (Discussion)

Another awesome read from this book club! I really enjoyed the movie Silver Linings Playbook and was not disappointed by the book. Many times in the past, I’ve been disappointed by the book if I’ve watched the movie first. I think the adaptation of the book to movie was done wonderfully and the actors were spot on.  Did you get a chance to read it? I gave it a 5/5 stars. I’ve got 3 questions below, and Lisa’s got 3 as well over on her blog. Feel free to discuss any or all of the questions in the comment section or link-up your post at the bottom. Lisa and I are sharing the same link-up, so you don’t have to enter on both blogs. The linky will close in a week. Alright, let’s get started!

Silver Linings Playbook

I loved the connection I had with the main character, Pat. Although I’m not a mentally unstable person (some may doubt me here) I really connected with Pat’s feelings and struggles when he would have his outbursts. Having watched the movie first saved me from being too emotionally distraught over the course of the book but I was still deeply involved with the characters feelings. 

And now, for the discussion. Before I begin, I’ll remind you that there may be spoilers ahead. Also, feel free to use my questions as jumping points. Ask your own questions and start your own discussions.

Silver Linings Playbook- Page Turners Book Club

1.  Were there any characters you had a hard time relating to? I was extremely frustrated with Pat’s Dad. I found myself getting the most upset by his actions (or lack there of.) Matthew (the author) mentioned several times how ‘people can’t change’ but people do change. Pat’s Mom changed in not wanting to put up with his disinterest and I think there has to be some kind of meeting of middle ground if you don’t want to hurt the people you love. I can understand his resentment and frustration with Pat but not to the extent of which he lived.

2. Where you surprised when you found out Tiffany wrote the letters from ‘Nikki’? I was furious at Tiffany. Like Pat, I couldn’t understand her betrayal. I know she is also mentally unstable, and once she explained herself, I softened to her side of the story, but was initially extremely upset. Tiffany should not have followed through with the letter fiasco knowing that Pat was so deeply tied to the thought of ending ‘apart time’ with Nikki.

3. Pat practices being kind rather than being right. What do you think of this mantra? Are ‘being kind’ and ‘being right’ mutually exclusive? This mantra was my favorite part of the entire book. I loved Pat’s heart when he would practice this mantra. It’s an extremely difficult mantra to follow and we would all be better for working on it. I don’t think ‘being kind’ and ‘being right’ are mutually exclusive. Many times you can be both, but more often, they are not the same. I think Pat working on this mantra made him much more open to the people in his life and helped him learn to deal with his aggression. Some might think of it as passive but I think of it as peaceful.

Now, it’s your turn! Answer any or all of the questions in the comment section below. Ask questions of your own. Or, link-up a blog post with your review and/or the answers to these questions. Also be sure to check out Lisa’s discussion questions on her blog. We’re sharing the same linky, so no need to link-up on both blogs.

Remember, our final book will be in October: George by Alex Gino. I’m really looking forward to this next read! Please, join us. We’ll be discussing George on October 29th.


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5 thoughts on “Silver Linings Playbook (Discussion)

  1. (1) I liked Pat’s dad in the movie (since I saw it first) so I was bummed when he was so ornery and unreasonable in the book. It actually makes me NOT want to read books after I’ve seen the movie because the movie puts too many expectations on me while I read. I’d rather be let down by a movie adaptation than a book.

    (2) I wasn’t surprised since I saw the movie :(.

    (3) I loved Pat’s mantra! I think oftentimes we do need to be nice rather than right. So hard to do, especially with the significant other.

    Great book! Good read, despite my having seen the movie already.
    lisacng @ recently posted…Page Turners: The Silver Linings PlaybookMy Profile

  2. I finally got my post linked up! LOL! What a crazy week. I have already borrowed next month’s book to read. I am not sure what I will do with myself, now that we are done for the year. LOL! If you guys decide to do it next year, count me in for sure!

    Hope everything is going well, and that you have settled into some form of normalcy! Have a great weekend!
    Stacey Gannett recently posted…Silver Linings Playbook – #PageTurnersMy Profile

    1. Haha! YAY! We’ll definitely let you know if we start it up again Stacey! Normalcy is beginning to happen. 😉 I hope your week slows down! Enjoy it!

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