Simple Embroidery for Beginners

Simple embroidery is my new favorite form of art. I gravitate towards crafts that have thread, ribbon, yarn or any type of string. I’d been in a crafting rut over the past couple months and wanted a craft that was simple. I was also looking for something I could put down when my 2 year old wanted to play without worrying about the mess I would be leaving out. This simple embroidery was the perfect intro to embroidery because I was able to pick it up where I left off without any hassle.

Embroidery Bunny

When I’d stumbled upon the adorable Penguin & Fish feed on IG, I knew exactly what my next crafting adventure would be! Embroidery is perfect for people who have multiple interruptions during their free time. I made this bunny embroidery for my niece Lyla in two days. If I’d had a longer chance to sit down, it easily would have been a one day project. It went so fast and was super addicting. I’m already looking for my next piece to work on.

I’d say my favorite part was learning each new stitch. The kits are laid out in a way that you do each stitch until you master it. I wanted to start with a kit as my first embroidery because of it’s simplicity and accessibility.


embroidery bunny

Simple Embroidery

Each hand embroidery kit includes:

  • Iron on pattern
  • Traceable pattern (if someone doesn’t want to use an iron)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery thread in several colors
  • 8″ Embroidery hoop
  • Cotton muslin fabric
  • Stitch and color guide
  • Simple embroidery instructions

I’m still a beginner but I definitely got better throughout this piece. I am able to see small mistakes I’d made but it’s difficult to see by the untrained eye- meaning, it’s hard to screw up! Alyssa from Penguin & Fish has great tutorials on her site but my favorite way of following her is Facebook. She does live chats where she’ll demonstrate stitches or products she’s using to help make embroidery easier. When her new patterns pop up I get the itch to start a new embroidery piece.

Embroidery Bunny

Embroidered Bunny

I added the small detail of my niece Lyla’s name as a personal touch. I’m excited about how fun and easy this project was. I’ve also bought the Unicorn embroidery pattern to try next and will likely hang it in Soph’s room. How awesome will it be to stitch out a unicorn on my back deck, sitting in my sun chair while my daughter plays on the swing set?! Have you tried embroidery? What crafts do you like to do that you can easily leave and come back to?

simple embroidery for beginners

4 thoughts on “Simple Embroidery for Beginners

  1. I love embroidery. I love making sarcastic embroidery for my house to hang on the wall and make people laugh. But just the act of making it can be so relaxing. I love being able to watch a movie or relax and be doing something with my hands.

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