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I feel like I’m decent at organizing but somehow after four years of accumulation in our home cabinets, are sure to get messy. Our spice rack, for example was in shambles. I was always tipping things over and buying doubles of spices we already had. Proof of the insanity:


I knew turn tables would probably be the best way to see all the spices so I headed over to Amazon (are there other stores out there?) I found these bad boys at a whopping $19.13 + $7 shipping b/c they aren’t Prime (best and worst thing ever.) Too much for my blood just for organizing some spices so on the Christmas wishlist they went. Do you guys ever ask for really lame household items for Christmas? Well, Santa was kind to me!


First I sorted through all the spices into ‘like’ categories…if that’s possible in the spice world. I relocated the oils to the cabinets over the stove because they’re rarely used. Top right shelf is for baking goods like sprinkles and vanilla extract. Top left is for salts and pepper. The bottom shelf is for all of the spices arranged by usage.


These Simply Organic spices from Meijer are my fav but they’re discontinuing them from our store. I’ll have to just keep the bottles and refill. 😉 How do you spice it up? Magnetic racks? On the counter for quick access? Turntables so you can pretend you’re a DJ while you cook? Just me…

This post was not sponsored by Amazon or Meijer. These are my own opinions.

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