Summer Concerts at Klipsch in Noblesville

Summer concerts at Klipsch are almost a requirement if you live anywhere near Noblesville. Luckily, I live by no less than 30 music venues within an hour’s drive. My favorite venues tend to be outdoor because of the ‘laid back’ feel. Klipsch has the best of both worlds with seats under an awning as well as lawn seats.

Like any new venue, be sure to check out the Klipsch Music Center rules. TIP: They allow food and drinks into most concerts!

My first concert was Johhny Cougar Mellencamp. Definitely a Hoosier.

I’ve shared¬†the 5 things you need to know before visiting Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville over at Visit Hamilton County Indiana.

2017 Summer Concerts at Klipsch:

Klipsch 2017 concert series

Click KLIPSCH-2017 for the free printable to hang on your fridge! Make sure you don’t miss out!

Summer Concerts at Klipsch


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