Taking Your Toddler to the Waterpark

We have an amazing waterpark in our town that I love visiting with Sophie. I was nervous the first time we went because I’d never taken her to such a large area with so much water and running/screaming children. Now, I feel completely confident in taking her for several hours in the afternoon. There’s no better way to ensure a good night’s sleep than a trip to the waterpark for a toddler. Taking your toddler to the waterpark can be intimidating so here are my top 5 tips to ensure less stress.
Tips for taking your toddler to the waterparkTip 1: Hydrate. If I know I’m taking Soph to the waterpark (or any day of extensive outdoor play) I’ll make sure she’s drinking a ton starting the day prior. It’s hard to remember to make sure everyone is drinking plenty when you’re having so much fun.

Tips for taking your toddler to the waterpark

Tip 2: Safety. Although there are lifeguards every 10 feet, they have a ton of people to watch. Your child is your responsibility, so stay within reach at all times. Many toddlers have no fear and will want to go on the bigger slides. Be there to help them if they need it as well as monitoring bigger kids if they’re getting too aggressive around your toddler.

Tips for taking your toddler to the waterpark

Tip 3: Let them try. I think safety is most important but I also think a child’s independence and satisfaction at mastering a skill is close behind. Soph wasn’t interested in the kiddie pool as much as the big slides and playground. She would have gone on the adult waterslide if she were tall enough. If they are safe, let them try everything!

Tips for taking your toddler to the waterpark

Tip 4: Bring snacks. Their little bodies will need food for energy if you’re going for more than an hour. It’s also a good way to force them to take a breather and calm down from the sensory overload. We usually bring goldfish, fruit, gummy snacks and a protein bar.

Tips for taking your toddler to the waterpark

Tip 5: Take a break. Snacks are a great way to take a break but Soph is constantly dancing and wanting to go back to the pool while she eats. I take her in the lazy river every time we go to let her sit back and chill. We’ll spin and do waves but the main reason we float is for both of us to calm down.

You’ll be more likely to continue taking your toddler to the waterpark if you do these 5 steps. I think taking a toddler to the waterpark alone can be overwhelming but can also be so fun for the both of you. Plus, it’s a great way to make friends!

7 thoughts on “Taking Your Toddler to the Waterpark

    1. Bev you should totally see if there’s one near by! It’s now a once/week ‘fun day activity’ for us! I’d bet she’d really enjoy the kiddie pool area. 🙂

  1. I love that Sophie is trying to pawn goldfish from the big container, all non-nonchalantly ;). I like splashparks/waterparks that are on the small side, like the one you show. The ones at big amusement parks are waaaay too crazy! The lines are long and I’m super scared to lose a kid.
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    1. HAHAH! She’s always sneaking without watching. 😉 Yes, this size waterpark is VERY different than an amusement park sized area. Much more manageable for one person.

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